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Anti Aliasing using NVIDIA FXAA or SRAA?


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FXAA seems like it has been used in some games already. Is anyone able to activate it with their nvidia card and try it with GTA 4? Is SRAA working yet?


AMD Cards have MLAA which can be used to apply a certain kind of anti aliasing to GTA 4. One of these nvidia methods is supposed to be somewhat similar.



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Only 1 PC game at the moment implements FXAA, that is Duke Nukem Forever.


Nvidia's Subpixel Reconstruction AA is set to be introduced sometime this year. Or perhaps it has been released, I'm not entirely sure seeing as I'm on an AMD card.


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Can these be activated from the graphics card drivers, like the AMD MLAA? Or do the the game developers need to implement it into each specific game?

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