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[SnP] Body Harvest


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Be Patient, a half an hour isn't anytime at all. Do not Double Post or bump a Help topic until it moves off the page or 24 hours.


I'll look into it.

For: CHRIS284

Missions: Body Harvest

Link: http://gtasnp.com/26746


Respect Increased.


CJ got a Telephone call from Cesar.

Their Gangs have been destroyed in Los Santos.

They all are on a Wanted List and must get out of town.

CJ's Sister and Cesar will move to Angel Pine (a Trailer Park) to be safer and with CJ. Sweet is in a Prison Hospital an is threatened by other prisoner gangs.

The Truth has told CJ that he (CJ) must Raise a lot of money to buy Mary-Jane from him (The Truth) for Tenpenny.



Game Tip: Listen to the radio (WCTR) for a while.

I forgot to re-equip CJ with Body Armour. There is one behind a wall just down the street from CJ's Safe House.

Buy Safe Houses, with all the FREE stuff all over San Andreas it isn't much good for anything else.

Buying Safe Houses increases the percentage of gome completion.

Carry On! icon14.gif

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