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Limit Adjuster.


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What do you guys think. Do you guys think that a limit adjuster could help out with performance? I know that the ones for older GTA games increased the number of map opbects that can be made. They could also change the memory and edit boundry's like the N,S,E,W boundrys or the height limit.


Some features that a limit adjuster for GTA IV/EFLC should have:

-Adjust the map objects that can be spawned, which may give us better FPS whith big maps.

-Adjust the games memory, which could help out.

-Adjust the height limmits for aircraft for GTA IV, TLAD, and TBOGT, appart. (would not help but still would be cool)


I bet there are alot of memory limmits that could be modifyed that could help make GTA IV/EFLC use the memory better.


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It's not about the limits, but memory management. And that would fix only some problems.

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