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Command prompt crash on startup


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Hello fellow gamers, as you could probably tell by reading the title of this thread, i have been having a huge startup error with this game. Whenever i try and launch it crashes showing a blank command prompt screen which i cannot type anything in, within a minute after that, it shows GTA IV has stopped working. and the command prompt dissapears. I have tried everything possible from running in every service mode on my pc, installing directx updates, updating every one of my drivers, reinstalling, launching as an administrator, ect. but nothing works! my pc is more then capable of running this game. i can run crysis 2 maxed graphics, dirt 2, host a minecraft server and play on it with 5 people and a 256x256 hd texure pack and no lagg. But anyways, is there any fix for this problem?




ALSO! i almost forgot somthing, i was able to play this game before but it stopped working about 4 months ago.




P.S: also not able to run any other games for windows live games ive tried, like bulletstorm demo and dead rising 2, could it perhaps be a GFWL problem? if so, a link to fix? BUT those games dont crash with a command prompt, just a black screen and the following game has stopped working





computer specs:

Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5770


Processor: Intel core i7 870

CPU cores: 8

OS: Windows 7 home premium 64bit

Hard drive: 1.5TB with 1.11TB to spare

disk drive: blu ray super multi combo drive

card reader: multi-in-one card reader

Computer model: Gateway FX6840-17C user posted image



if you do not see the image above for whatever reason, http://s1188.photobucket.com/albums/z418/d...mmandprompt.png







no more command prompt. just GTAIV has stopped working. ive still tried 1000000 things but nothing is helping!

Edited by dracodrakesa
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If other GFWL games are crashing too, then yes, it could very well be a GFWL related issue. You can try reinstalling GFWL and updating it again.


Have you tried running the game in Win XP SP3 or Vista SP1/SP2 compatibility modes?

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If other GFWL games are crashing too, then yes, it could very well be a GFWL related issue. You can try reinstalling GFWL and updating it again.


Have you tried running the game in Win XP SP3 or Vista SP1/SP2 compatibility modes?

i have tried reinstalling GFWL multiple times, unless you have another link you could suppy it hasent worked. anyways, yes i have tried SP3, SP2, SP1, win 2000 ect. one time, i forgot what i did, but the game partially launched. it showed the sign into social club and after i signed in it showed the cmd prompt again.

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If the game shows the command prompt window, it means you haven't updated it.

I just updated it 5 minutes ago and nothing changed


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Check the file version for GTAIV.exe in the game install directory, it should state

it says it is that isnt the problem idk how to fix it!

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Are you still getting the black command prompt window? Post a screenshot.

done. but all it is is a blank command prompt followed by GTAIV has stopped working.

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Where is the screenshot?


If you are using any cracks, I'd suggest to stop using them.

screenshot on main post and a link if you cannot see it. and no i am not using and cracks and if i was ive reinstalled the game 100000000 times so theyd be gone. im using the legit cd version no emulator

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You are using the launcher to start the game?

yes. ive tried compatiblility mode for everything, luanched as admin, through cd, safe mode, playing online and offline, ect. but nothing works.

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Is this the Retail(DVD) version OR a Downloaded version? If Downloaded, From where? If Retail, Is this the Original DVD or a Copy of the DVD? Any No-DVD cracks? Any Daemon tools installed on PC? Any Mods/Trainers? Are ALL your drivers up to date for your Video card, Sound card, DX(meaning you have the latest version, which is DX 11), etc.? Is your AV/Firewall blocking the game? Have you tried disabling the UAC(User Account Control) for your Windows account?


You left out A LOT of REQUIRED information from the Pinned Troubleshooting topic, as posted be a Moderator(Justin), which is what I included above...

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  • 3 years later...

I have same problem. But for me if I remove xlive.dll from my gta iv folder, i get ws10 or something error. When I put xLiveLess one it just opens command prompt and for less than 5 seconds, it closes. GTA IV (im using cracked torrented version) worked alright before. Idk whats the problem :(

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  • 5 years later...

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