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[PS3/360/PC] The Gtaforums Demo-Derby Tourney


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The Gtaforums Demo-Derby Tourney

Welcome to the Gtaforums Demo-Derby Tourney topic! I'll be holding demolition derby matches for the PS3.Any responsible members that use the 360 or PC with previous event experience PM me if you'd like to apply as a host.




No guns, no explosives, no kicking unless the host kicks first and no healing.






360- N/A



This is a WIP topic and suggestions are appreciated smile.gif

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add ajbns87, to the ps3 list also.


When gta was just released, I played a lot of these, a firetruck was always used to extinguish fires and prevent explosions.

Keep the topic updated with planned times and maybe include some GFX like a header/banner for the event.


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I`ll join but on the 360, and i was just in the middle of writing a post for a DD event.haha.Could do with more of these,to just chill out and have a laugh in.

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Urban Legend

You can add me. When you gonna make this happen?


I forgot that I have only the DLC content. tounge.gif

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