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.fxc files

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hi people. can someone please tell me what app to use to edit the fxc files? the file im wanting to edit is deferred_lighting.fxc. reason being is my graphics are made up of about half a dozon different settings packs, enb, real iv, and a few others! but my problem is all the good car reflections are in the deferred_lighting.fxc file! but using it removes all shadows! if i put mine back in i get my shadows back but have crap quality car reflections! ive downloaded loads of different settings packs to try different deferred_lighting.fxc files but its always the same story, good reflections and no shadows or bad reflections with shadows! so i need to edit the file to have both! thx

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I would recommend to decrease the amount of graphic mods you use. Makes no sense to merge them all together. The more you merge, the more problems you´ll get.

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Good luck with editing .fxc. Try changing values with a hex-editor or even disassembling the shader.

Best shaders are still the stock ones for ENB, and the RealityIV shaders for non-ENB.

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thx NaidRaida, ice! wink.gif ive gone back to stock shaders now as im working on my own enb config now and your right, stock shaders seem to be best! being on patch 7 though i do use 1 shader from patch 4 shaders as i noticed patch 7 shaders remove a lot of night lit shop signs! found the one that lights them up again and droped it in! still a stock shader right! lol wink.gif thx for your help! cookie.gif

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