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Date Kate after Deal ending


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Is it possible to date Kate after Roman's death? I've tried calling her right after, and also after a week or two. No luck, though.

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No you can't date Kate after the Deal ending because she still doesn't respect you for choosing money over revenge, although sometimes if you choose the Revenge ending you may be able to date Kate again through the "Ghost Kate Glitch".

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I think you're right, Carbonox.

He tells her he needs Roman when she kind of offers her friendship.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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No, she in fact apologizes to Niko afterwards, but Niko himself rejects her in the phonecall... That's how I understood the thing in the Deal ending.

If niko agrees, kate and him do some hot coffee xD. How many months and years passed, they had baby and named Roman Mcreary bored.gifhappy.giftounge2.gif

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