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Is Niko able to grab onto cars?


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I remember seeing a youtube video of GTA IV where Niko was hanging on to a Huntley (I think) as it sped across star junction. I've noticed in the game that sometimes pedestrians can do this too. However, Niko is easily hurt and hauled to the ground when a car goes by him, is it possible that he can grab on to a moving car or was this ability I saw in the video a mod? If so, how?

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You could hang into cars, but be aware that you will lose health. Here's my way of doing it.


1. Look for a vehicle that is driving.

2. Run onto its side as its driving, and try jacking the vehicle.

3. If you're lucky, Niko, Johnny, or Luis will hang on to the car door for a few seconds, then fall.

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I believe that's a glitch because it's not possible in normal gameplay. Try Googling for it and you might come across some videos that teach you how to activate the glitch.

That might have been a big help for me during the final mission.

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