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Lost Key


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I had installed the original GTA IV with an original cd key about an year ago.

But recently while repairing my pc I lost all data from the drive on which the game was installed.

The savegames and everything are still intact because they were on the C drive.

Now the problem is I no longer have the cd key but i want to reinstall the game.

So can I retrieve the key by any means you know from the registry or from the residual files etc.


Thanks in advance....

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The CD key to register the game is on the booklet that comes with the game..If you don't have it, you must buy a new copy of the game to get it back(but if you have the disc, you should still have the case and book, as that is where the game should be stored)...Luckily, the game is only $14 now a days, so it is dirt cheap if you do have to rebuy it to get the cd key back...Just curious though, Why do you not have the booklet that came with the game, as it is kept in the case where the game is stored? confused.gif

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That's kinda the problem. Its been a long time since I had seen my disc (most probably lost it).

But doesn't the game keep any records of its serial key anywhere on the pc.

As I have said before that the game files haven't been deleted entirely.


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the CD key is for online gaming or single player i dont know confused.gif

what GTA games i play now GTA SA GTA VC GTA 3 and GTA LCS on ps2

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King Of Monra

Call support, they might help, they manage to find my cd key when I lost it, but that was for mass effect, but surely Rockstar should be able to do the same?

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