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Okay so I recently purchased GTA IV and TBOGT from Games for Windows Live after watching a ton of videos on YouTube with people showing all kinds of fun mods. My question is how do I get mods on my gta iv if at all possible, and whether not if any can be used online. All I really want online is like ramps stuff to make online free mode more fun than it already is.


I've so far updated everything, but I'm willing to downgrade it if all the fore mentioned things will be possible.

*I tried adding dsound.dll when i first got the game and GTA IV crashed everytime when I opened it.

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Read the readme. Reading is fundamental. Most of the time, the readmes have the installation procedure within them.


About online: The vast majority of servers I see DO NOT allow any sort of mod. I haven't tested whether ENB works in multiplayer or not

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