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Mission help?!


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So i just got vice city the other night and im already stuck on a mission i forgot what its called but its when you have use the helicopter to pick up the bombs and place them in the building site but the controls are to hard and could ANYONE give any tips or anything? Thanks sad.gif

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Search the forum for tips, Demolition Man (the mission in question) has been discussed several times before.


- Start from the ground floor and work your way upwards. This will save you time.

- Practice maneuvering the helicopter before picking up the bombs. The timer will start only when you pick up the first bomb.

- If you don't mind missing out on the action, do a thorough sweep of the building right at the beginning to make your job easier. Using the helicopter's rotor blades, kill all the construction workers and security guards without the pressure of the timer. Pay attention to the guards, the workers are equipped with only a hammer and cannot damage your heli unless you are very close to them. The guards on the other hand can shoot you down with their pistols.

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