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Catloaf or breadfish?


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Happy 1000th post for me! catloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif



My story goes back to some time in late 2009 or early 2010. I bought GTA III for PS2 from GameStop. I brought it home and played for days. Around August I was looking at cheat videos on YouTube and spied Odie’s bridge mod. I fell in love with modding on the spot. I bought the PC version off Amazon and it got here right before school started. My first post was less than glamorous. It was actually on GTAgarage, but I had to register through GTAF. I asked a guy who had a beta bus mod where it spawned- I thought it was outright added. Then my first GTAF post was a n00b 3 year bump. Pretty bad. I dumped GTAF for a while, and then came back a few months later. I started asking questions and providing the odd answer. Then I randomly hit this “hate everybody” phase, bashing topics etc. Only lasted a while, luckily, but it was ugly. Then I got into “helpful” mode. I was making lots of posts, sometimes 15 a day. I tried to dominate the “III era modding section” and have my name beside almost every post, whether I was helpful or bumping or not. I started posting a couple skins to GTAgarage. One got taken down. I got my first communication with PatrickW, he was really helpful and understanding. I PM’d him later that night because I had found a stolen mod on GTAgarage. He gave me my first cookies and thumbs up. I mostly stuck to the III era modding and III sections after that, gradually losing my cockiness. Then one time I ventured into General Chat and ended up in the “How do you view the United states?” topic. Now, I do a lot of debating and arguing, but I (and I hate this) have to admit that HolyGrenadeFrenzy and dog_day_sunrise kicked my ass.  I tip my hat to them as very good debaters, even if I don’t agree with their views. I guess that's what makes the world go around, though. I eventually taught myself coding with BW’s mission builder. After a couple of helpful answers in III coding, I got my first respect list, from a guy named S.Partrick. He soon got banned. This was when I first heard about Jimmy. If anybody has ever gone through the “The NightTime Trilogy, Episode I: Liberty City Nights” topic in the mod showroom they know about Jimmy. He’s a 14 year old guy who has had about 20-odd accounts, each of them banned. He’s so desperate that he keeps making new ones, even pretending to be a woman. Everybody hates him because he steals others’ work. AlexLB showed me that the guy who gave me my respect list entry was really another Jimmy! Fast forward a week or two. I have joined OmeXr in the war against Jimmies, started my own Total Conversion mod, and gotten back into General Chat. Every time I see topics like the “Euro meet”, “YouTube idiot”, and the replies in my own “need advice” topic, I get an even bigger respect for all you guys out here on the forums. I have disagreed/fought with many of you, like zzcool and Deji, but I still respect you. GTAF is the greatest invention since the Internet.


That's my story up to February 25th. biggrin.gif


Lately I've been spending more time in this section, and I've been socializing with other members a bit more. Which brings me to... the respect list!


Andrew- I've gotten warnings from him, true, but I believe he is a fair admin and he's a cool guy. Plase unlock the member photos topic though! I'm sorry we spammed it!

illspirit- an amazing modder and a good admin, from what I know of forum history. icon14.gif

STM- really cool admin, because he acts like an normal guy. Plus his uploader has saved me several times. cookie.gif

Waddy- I dunno why some people hate him, but I think he's a cool and just admin.

Mark- funny, cool, and a good moderator.

PatrickW- great moderator- see above for some reasons why! icon14.gif

Girish- cool moderator, and he only needs 163 posts to top the boards for all time (Link)









Odie- Rest in peace, you were the best modder ever cryani.gif

Cerbera- a great modder and handling expert. Too bad he left before I could talk to him. cryani.gif


Narcis_speed6- amazing GFX artist, fellow GTAF-Steam admin, and helpful and nice member. icon14.gificon14.gif

Drift-Kingz- one of the people here I would call a friend. Really cool, great GFX artist, and another fellow admin. icon14.gificon14.gif



tripmills- definitely one of the coolest old dudes here. icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif






Butters 2011


makeshyft - Sorry I acted like a dick in that "things you bought" topic

(Dare I say it?) cidamelo- good for a laugh, but overall a pretty cool and fun member

Wreckless Jake











Barton Waterduck - in his time, he was the best coder ever to grace the forums (and maybe still is)





If there's anyone else I forgot, you know who you are. I'll probably remember a bunch more in 5 minutes, so it will be updated. smile.gif


Now, on topic...


catloaf_by_anuj.gif or breadfish_by_Moto.gif ?


EDIT: BTW I'm gonna be camping all weekend, so this may not be updated. Basically everyone here has my respect. icon14.gif

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Catloaf all the way, like, totally fer sher.








Thanks for the respect homie, and congratulations and all that jazzy jazzy junx.

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Breadfish...Partly because I used to use it as my ringtone on my work phone for awhile. Always made for some interesting meeting interruptions.


Back at you on the respect. You'll be old someday too angry.giftounge.gif

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Congrats dude, you're a good promising guy.

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Catloaf please.


But yeah, Congratulations on 1k. You're quite a decent member, and you deserve my respect (considering you gave me one).


Cheers. icon14.gifcookie.gif

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Congrats, you're a decent member.




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catloaf_by_anuj.gif I think this is the best 4 u

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congrats on the 1000th post icon14.gif

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I made it into a respect list? inlove.gif Congrats for your 1000th post biggrin.gif


GTANet | Red Dead Network | 🌲

black lives matter | stop Asian hate | trans lives = human lives

the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away 

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shred durst

Haha this topic is so random... congrats!

Pretty dope... and those shrooms were tight as f*ck.

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Congrats on your milestone, man.


I've noticed you around, you seem quite sound to me.


Do stick around.

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Thanks for the respect man, also I'll go Catloaf, fish tastes horrible.

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I'm going to go with the catloaf_by_anuj.gif as well. Gotta save some breadfish_by_Moto.gif for Waddy . tounge.gif

Thanks for the respect, which is mutual and congrats on you 1K milestone. icon14.gif

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Congrats and thanks for the kind words cookie.gif
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breadfish_by_Moto.gif with a little extra fish, s'il te plaît.


Thanks for the respect. All the best for your next 1k.

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