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CLEO Issues... WTH?


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{$CLEO .cs}thread "Weapons"0A95: enable_thread_saving//load models0247: load_model #BALLAS1//create weapons032B: 1@ = create_weapon_pickup #M4 group 15 ammo 60000 at 314.9132 -1755.6615 4.514:NEARwait 0if 00EC:   actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 0 near_point 313.0962 -1752.6444 4.5298 radius 20.0 20.0if @NEARjump @load:loadwait 0if 0248:   model #BALLAS1 availableif @load//create actors009A: 2@ = create_actor_pedtype 8 model #BALLAS1 at 313.0962 -1752.6444 4.5298:DEADwait 0if 0118:   actor 2@ dead if @DEADwait 2500009B: destroy_actor 2@0A93: end_custon_thread




Unknown directive @NEAR.


What is wrong???

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Try giving the threads different names, like "MOD_LOAD" and "MOD_NEAR".


And they say not to create pickups with CLEO, although I don't know if it will matter with your script.


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