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Cheat Codes: Xbox, PS2/3, PC

Recommended Posts


Well let's start off with the cheat


PS2 upupsquareL2rightXR1downR2circle




Now you enter it and let the fun begin!


1.Go in a "Bloodring" in San Fierro

2.Go on a bike

3.Get in a police car/bike and do the Vigilante missions

4.Have a great car chase from the cops

5.Help your homies with drive bys

6.Go in race tornements + bring a homie in the race but that's a different story but check it out here

7.See the glitch pay 'n' spray it just changes colours + mod shops user posted imageuser posted image

8.Saves time of having to kill someone in mission or sub missions


your welcome to share your ideas too! biggrin.gif

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The real way to have fun with that cheat is:


1. To first put in the "Yakuza cheat".


2. Go to the Las Venturas highway that goes round in a square forever.


3. Put in the "Full weapon aiming while driving" cheat.


4. Waste all the SMG/sub machine gun ammo until it runs out.


5. Do the "Vehicles as tough as Rhino" cheat.


6. Switch to whatever type of weapon you want (eg. a shotgun in your inventory).


7. Get on a bike and do the "Infinite ammo" cheat, and the "Vehicles as tough as Rhino" cheat again. Your vehicle is now invincible. Now do the "weapon set" cheat that the weapon you want is in (eg. the sawn offs weapon set, if you want a different shotgun type in a different weapon set).


You can now fire with that weapon and go crazy! I find it most fun driving around the highway and killing all the bikers with the sawn-offs. It will not work with Rocket launchers, etc. It will work with AK's M4's, rifles, pistols, and more. There is a way to do it with a minigun, but it is not half as powerful as it is normally.


Enjoy! smile.gif

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lil weasel

CHEAT CODES From the Network Main Page Sidebar:

ALL Cheats
PC Cheats
PS2 Cheats
Xbox Cheats
RAW codes for all Cheat Devices

GTA: IV codes



*PS3 / Xbox 360 cheats NOTE- For cheats using L1 L2 R1 R2 input the codes opposite. So L1 will be L2 and R2 will be R1 and so forth....


- Vanzant

Edited by Vanzant
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Carl Johnson US

List some GTA San Andreas cheats:


  • BAGUVIX: Unlimited Life Cheats.
  • FULLCLIP: Unlimited Ammo Cheats.
  • CVWKXAM: Unlimited Oxygen Cheat.
  • HESOYAM: Can, Ammo and 250K Money Cheat.
  • LXGIWYL: Primary Weapons Cheat.
  • PROFESSIONALSKIT: Secondary Weapons Cheat.
  • UZUMYMW: Tertiary Weapons Cheat.
  • BUFFMEUP: Muscular Appearance Cheat.
  • BTCDBCB: Fat Appearance Cheat.
  • HELLOLADIES: Maximum Charm Cheat.
  • BEKKNQV: Magnet Effect.
  • WORSHIPME: Maximum Reputation Cheat.
  • CVWKXAM: Cheat to Increase Lung Capacity.
  • NATURALTALENT: Cheat for Increasing Vehicle Capabilities.
  • BRINGITON: Cheat Level Increasing.
  • AEZAKMI: Lock the search by the police.
  • OSRBLHH: Increasing the Search Level Cheat.
  • ASNAEB: Lowering Your Search Level.
  • BLUESUEDESHOES: Elvis Theme.
  • YSOHNUL: Time Acceleration Cheat.
  • SPEEDITUP: Cheat to Speed Up the Game.
  • SLOWITDOWN: Slow Down Game Cheats.
  • CJPHONEHOME: Huge Jump Cheat.
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER: Hitman Properties.
  • MUNASEF: Adrenaline Mode.
  • IOJUFZN: Rebellion Mode.
  • JCNRUAD: Cheat Blasting Tools.
  • FOOOXFT: Everybody Arms.
  • BGLUAWML: Civilians Attack with Rocket.
  • AJLOJYQY: Civilians Attack Each Other.
  • BAGOWPG: You get hurt.
  • SJMAHPE: Call for protection (with gun).
  • ROCKETMAYHEM: Calls for Protection (Rocket).
  • BIFBUZZ: Streets Control Gangs.
  • ROCKETMAN: You have a Jetpack.
  • AIYPWZQP: Parachute Cheat.
  • KANGAROO: Super Jumping Cheat.
  • CIKGCGX: Beach Party.
  • PRIEBJ: Carnival Theme.
  • BMTPWHR: Rural Theme.
  • NINJATOWN: Ninja Theme.
  • NIGHTPROWLER: Night Cheat.
  • OFVIAC: Time is fixed to 21:00.
  • CWJXUOC: Sand Stormy Air Tricks.
  • PLEASANTLYWARM: Sunny Weather Cheat.
  • TOODAMNHOT: Very Sunny Weather Cheat.
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER: Stormy Weather Cheat.
  • AUIFRVQS: Rainy Weather Cheat.
  • CFVFGMJ: Foggy Weather Cheat.
  • ALNSFMZO: Cloudy Weather Cheat.
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE: Invisible Car Cheat.
  • STICKLIKEGLUE: Excellent Driving Cheat.
  • YLTEICZ: Aggressive Drives.
  • GHOSTTOWN: Traffic Reduces and No Pedestrians.
  • EVERYONEISRICH: Luxury Cars Trick.
  • FVTMNBZ: Village Vehicles in Traffic.
  • LLQPFBN: All Vehicles Become Pink.
  • IOWDLAC: All Vehicles Go Black.
  • ZEIIVG: Traffic Lights Stay Green.
  • SPEEDFREAK: Gives Nitro to All Vehicles.
  • BUBBLECARS: Flies When You Touch The Car.
  • FLYINGFISH: Flying Boots.
  • RIPAZHA: Flying Cars.
  • CPKTNWT: Explode Cars.
  • VKYPQCF: Taxis use Nitro.
  • OHDUDE: Helicopter Gives.
  • VROCKPOKEY: Race Car Returns.
  • ITSALLBULL: Dozer gives.
  • CELEBRITYSTATU: Limousine Gives.
  • AIWPRTON: Rhino Ver.
  • WHERESTHEFUNERAL: Gives Funeral Vehicle.
  • TRUEGRIME: Garbage Truck Gives.
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT: Gives Glider.
  • CQZIJMB: Bloodring Banger Returns.
  • JQNTDMH: Rancher Returns.
  • KGGGDKP: Vortex gives Hovercraft.
  • AMOMHRER: Tanker Returns.

Source https://help724.com/gta-san-andreas-hileleri-tum-hile-kodlari/

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On the eighth of June 2005, Edison Carter posted on the forum the cheats that he received from their hash while working with the dictionary. He gave links to download a text fileswith a list of  codes. But now these links are no longer working. I very much ask if you have these files left, or you know where to get them, please give a link to their download, thanks in advance.

Edited by Nertu

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Yes, but it's another cheats.


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lil weasel

Thee are ALL the PC Cheats, there are no other Cheats, Unless the game is Modded.

We don't do Mods here.

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It's my understanding that EdisonCarter's dictionary cheats were created in an effort to identify plain text strings for all available cheats. They weren't new cheats, just a huge list of different strings that could trigger the same cheat. The strategy wasn't terribly effective; only a few plain text cheats were identified. However, clues were found in the Android version of SA that revealed all plain text cheat strings, so there isn't much point to the old lists anymore.



I noticed that when players have tried to post the plain text cheat strings in these forums their post is usually followed up with a link to the standard cheat lists, and those lists haven't been updated with the new strings.

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lil weasel

Ah, so... Modding is not a part of this section of the Forums.

You need to do your posting in the Modding Forums, you should have better contact there.

Please, repost in the proper section of the GTA Mods Forum:



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8 minutes ago, lil weasel said:

Ah, so... Modding is not a part of this section of the Forums.

I posted a link to a modding site only because the local references got corrupted by the forum update, but these are standard "button" cheats, built into the game. It looks like Deji did most of the work on the new strings so his site is the most... authentic.


These are the same cheats that have always been available as part of the standard game - but the plain text strings might be easier to remember.

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They weren't new cheats, just a huge list of different strings that could trigger the same cheat. 

Yes! And I need files with THESE codes))))))



I did not mean modding. I had in mind the combination of codes that Edison Carter picked up with a dictionary, I know that these are the same original codes just with a different spelling, I need them. 

Edited by Nertu

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Sometimes people have managed to dig up old references using internet archives. I forget the name, web-something or way-back machine. If you find something for EdisonCarter then please post a link. He had the only references to some unusual cheat-device codes for PS2 that I've long since lost track of.

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Yes, Wayback machine. I already tried. Nothing(


But I have combinations for PS2 by Edison Carter.

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Another dead link: http://www.gtasanandreas.net/GTASAcombinations.zip


This one I found on cheat news page on GTASanAndreas.net, one of GTAForums' sister sites. Perhaps this file could be recovered locally, but I'm not sure how to go about asking. Wayback? 


It should be possible to recreate similar lists by running dictionary words through a hash generator. 

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Hm. I will try Wayback. I have a question, do you know how he selected these combinations by hash? I have suggestions, but I think they are not quite right.


Another dead link: http://www.gtasanandreas.net/GTASAcombinations.zip 

I already have this file, these codes for ps2, but I need codes for pc



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Really real cheat codes for PC. I dont know why Rockstar didnt release this codes back then. Time to update cheats on gtasanandreas.net. :)


THUGSARMOURY		    Weapon 1
PROFESSIONALSKIT            Weapon 2
NUTTERSTOYS                 Weapon 3
INEEDSOMEHELP               Money Armour Health
TURNUPTHEHEAT               Wanted Level Up
TURNDOWNTHEHEAT             Wanted Level Down
PLEASANTLYWARM              Sunny Weather
TOODAMNHOT                  Extra Sunny Weather
DULLDULLDAY                 Cloudy Weather
STAYINANDWATCHTV            Rainy Weather
TIMEJUSTFLIESBY             Fast Weather
SPEEDITUP                   Fast Time
SLOWITDOWN                  Slow Time
STOPPICKINGONME             Everybody Attacks Player
TIMETOKICKASS               Rhino
OLDSPEEDDEMON               Bloodring Banger
NOTFORPUBLICROADS           Hotring Racer
JUSTTRYANDSTOPME            Hotring Racer
WHERESTHEFUNERAL            Hearse
CELEBRITYSTATUS             Lovefist
TRUEGRIME                   Trashmaster
18HOLES                     Golfcart
ALLCARSGOBOOM               Blow Up Cars
WHEELSONLYPLEASE            Only Render Wheels
STICKLIKEGLUE               Strong Grip
DONTTRYANDSTOPME            Traffic Lights
PINKISTHENEWCOOL            Pink Cars
SOLONGASITSBLACK            Black Cars
FLYINGFISH                  Flying Fish
BUFFMEUP                    Muscle
LEANANDMEAN                 Skinny
BLUESUEDESHOES              Elvis Lives
LIFESABEACH                 Beach Party
NINJATOWN                   Ninja
LOVECONQUERSALL             Love Conquers All
EVERYONEISPOOR              Allcars Are sh*t
EVERYONEISRICH              Allcars Are Great
CJPHONEHOME                 Cj Phone Home
JUMPJET                     Hydra
IWANTTOHOVER                Vortex
TOUCHMYCARYOUDIE            Vehicle Of Death
SPEEDFREAK                  Nitro
BUBBLECARS                  Super Power Car
NIGHTPROWLER                Midnight
SCOTTISHSUMMER              Storm
SANDINMYEARS                Sandstorm
KANGAROO                    High Jump
NOONECANHURTME              Bullet Proof
MANFROMATLANTIS             Scuba
LETSGOBASEJUMPING           Parachute
ROCKETMAN                   Jetpack
IDOASIPLEASE                Not Wanted
BRINGITON                   Wanted
STINGLIKEABEE               Super Punch
IAMNEVERHUNGRY              No Food
CRAZYTOWN                   Fun House
TAKEACHILLPILL              Adrenaline
FULLCLIP                    Ammo
IWANNADRIVEBY               Driveby
GHOSTTOWN                   Wasteland
HICKSVILLE                  Country Side Invasion
WANNABEINMYGANG             Recruit Me
NOONECANSTOPUS              Recruit Me (Ak47)
ROCKETMAYHEM                Recruit Me (Rocket)
WORSHIPME                   Respect
HELLOLADIES                 Sex Appeal
ICANGOALLNIGHT              Stamina
PROFESSIONALKILLER          Weapon Skills
NATURALTALENT               Vehicle Skills
OHDUDE                      Hunter
FOURWHEELFUN                Quad
HITTHEROADJACK              Tanker
ITSALLBULL                  Dozer
FLYINGTOSTUNT               Stunt Plane
MONSTERMASH                 Monster Truck


Edited by gta.bullet

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Good article!!!


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