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need help


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so basically i dont know if im being really stupid or my game is completely messed up. Iv done all missions in las venturas apart from 'breaking the bank at calligulas' and 'Saint Marks Bistro'. Neither of the missions are on my map and i dont know how i can start them.

any suggestions would really help...

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First this is a common error:

IS there an AIRPLANE icon on the map. You forgot to finish the Verdant Meadows Misions?



I need to ask, where did you get your game?

Was it installed with the Original DVD?

What Edition is your game?

What was the Last Mission you saved?


Did you install any Mods?

Have you used any Riot or Peds Attack cheats?

Any other cheats?

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did you go inside "calligulas building/room"? it is not on the ouside of the building it's on the inside.

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