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Changing resolution


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Hello everyone.

Can someone tell me if it's possible to change resolution in game somehow, but without picture's expanding on the whole screen. I saw in old games I played that there was a dark space to the right(for expamle). I want to try ENB Series but have not too good PC and I want to set 800x600 resolution and other preferences as high. But in this resolution (with expanding) any improvings lose their sence. Is there any way to do this?

Sorry if there is a solvation of this problem I've looked through "PC Performance Tips" but found nothing. I'm not good in English and maybe I've just lost something.

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Nah, I want it exactly in fullscreen but not expanded. When windowed it causes decreasing of perfomance. But thank you for your reply.

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rampage_ani.gif Have u tried (aspectratio) in display settings 4:3 is the best for 800x600 and remember to set your desktop the same 800x600 as u would in the game, this will insure optimal compatabilty for GTA iv PC DVD.


iF this does not help after u done step one . try the bottons next to

the green light (most screens have a green light where u can set the settings) on your monitor (screen) to expand the image to fit the entire screen...easy done with horizontal and vertical <<>>. inlove.gif

OP could also fiddle in the drivers, but then he should have a DVI cable.

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.......if it's possible to change resolution.....  ......without picture's expanding on the whole screen.......

Are u tryin to explain me how to expand my resolution? suicidal.gif

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