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does anyone know which part of the carcols code line contains the rim colour code? i have modded the cars but one has been made with black rims and i want to change them to silver/grey. anyone konow how? thanks.

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It depends on the model, usually its color 4 if the rims change colors at all (stock vehicles). but if its a custom car it could be any one of the 1-4

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It depends on the model properties if the rim color can be changed.


The carcols values have the following meanings. Example: 112,112,112,

First value (from left to right): Basic color

Second value (middle): Stripe color or rim color (example Sabre GT: Stripe color / example Schafter: Rim color)

Third value (right): Color of metallic paint effect


Some cars have a fourth value which affects the things the police says when they´re chasing you but I´m not sure. It´s a special color that is not visible in any kind.

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