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Exces Delivery


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I completed 2 of the excess delivery missions, but I can still only carry 50 drugs.

Do you need 100% on the missions? A rival got 1 of the packages on the last mission, but I completed it game said mission passed and saved.


On another note why would I want to destroy all cameras cause drugs get cheaper then, I want to earn more?

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You'll need 100% (Gold Medal) on both Excess Delivery missions, in order to increase your drug bag capacity.


As for the Security Cameras, I'm not sure why. The game says that it will lower your risk of getting a 2 star wanted level after buying drugs off someone but I still get a "It's a bust!" after I purchase drugs from someone.

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yeah, gold in both,

and the cameras - its wierd 'cuz ur buing half price from everyone and still selling in normal price to everyone ;p

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