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King Jose

16 players with 6 stars in the same place

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King Jose

I have always wonder what would happen if 16 players were together & all of of them had 6 stars?


To the people who have been in that type of situation how many cops show up?


How many helicopters show up?


Is it possible to survive an army of cops like that without driving/flying away?

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Might wanna check out one of my 16 Players vs Police episodes then colgate.gif



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Tabula Rasa

Once you really come to grips with the mechanics and controls in gta iv, its really quite ingenius the combat styles and maneuver's you can pull off against players and cops, offline and Online, between friendly fire and non friendly fire. You're only enemy imo is a lack of ammo, for the safest run in any regards pre-stocking weapons and ammo is a must, but there's nothing wrong with winging it if you know what you are doing. pro tips:drive through health and don't rage chase players to your death On average six stars Alone is a ten minute venture online, but typically its hard to involve other players; even if you tack on wanted levels by sling-shotting a dozen cruisers into them. Also a swat van can be an asset solo. That video is wicked btw.

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B Dawg

The police online lack the FIB that would have made 6 stars hard. Just avoid close-quarter engagements with the shotgun wielding police and you're good to go.

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