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What i think GTA V should incorporate....


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What i think GTA V should incorporate in the next game is.......A coop mode where you can have a split screen when you get a certain distance and a single screen when in closer range. That way you can play with friends at home. And maybe even make it so that it can be 2-4 coop players. But at least two, without having other people jump in and start doing dumb s***. And it can include modes like for example: (if the next game is in San Andreas....then it would be) SAN ANDREAS MOST WANTED.

Where the player(s) go against the police force and try to make it across town to a heli/boat without being followed/seen/captured.


Or how about a mode where its gangs vs. gangs or cops vs. robbers. Where in the gangs mode you have with you player(s) plus computer controlled gang members doing drive by's and just over running other neighborhoods for control.


Or in the cops vs. robbers, you can choose be either one.....or all players can join one team, be it the cops or the robbers or just one gang. And take control of the squad car in the chase or switch to the helicopter sharp shooter or military heli or swat vehicle or tank...ect. That way you can positon shooter and tactical squads where ever you want. And the robbers can do the same by before starting the actual game. The robber(s) can choose and pick if they want to leave escape vehicles/weapons/health/armor.... around the city or woods, docks, alleys..everything from planes, boats, bikes, cars. ( this mode would be good for both online and coop)


What do you guys think????

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