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You Have Been Disconnect Because...


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(Admins, I'm new to the forum. If this is in the wrong section, please move it.)

I'd like to point out that I know this has been posted before, but seeing as there has been no discernible answer or decently thought out solution, I thought I'd ask again.

My friends and I have been playing GTA IV multiplayer, and I keep getting disconnected because my "computer is running too slowly." I've got my graphics set to the lowest settings possible, and I'm still disconnected every few minutes. My computer is decent, and doesn't actually lag horribly. The game just assumes I'm lagging and ruining the experience for everyone and disconnects me. I'm looking for a fix to this, and I'm open to suggestions, but I don't have anything else I can do. I've got my computer optimized for gaming, and I'm getting really frustrated with the sudden disconnections.

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Just a few suggestions, as I've never heard of this problem before:


Maybe your Internet connection speed rather than the game itself is the problem. Do you have an average or low broadband connection speed. Your upload speed is roughly a tenth of your download speed and there are factors that could hamper this further. WiFi doesn't help (I'm on WiFi myself and I suffer from lag problems sometimes).


Also, run MSCONFIG and see if you've got a ton of those sh*tty little programs that start up when Windows boots. Chances are every single one of those programs is using up bandwidth. Disable those, reboot your system and see if that helps.


Good luck. :-)

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how well does your computer stream live video like sky news, or stream video from youtube?

hopefully you will say its sluggish in which case the internet connection and programs running will deffo have an effect.


to play online should use no more internet than streaming video.


ccleaner has a great tool built in to it for stopping programs starting with windows start up, skype, msn, quicktime, yahoo, all these are capable of downloading in the background, as is windows updates. and you wont get warning messages as the pc boots up as you probably will do if you use msconfig to stop programs at boot up


you need to find out whats running and deal with the ones you dont need.


use cable not wifi. what type of internet do you have? do you know about dmz in your router which will temporarily allow your computer open access to the net? is your router set up for the right ports to be open? is your antivirus scanning? have you got spybots teatimer running?


lots of things could affect this problem, google google and give us more infor on your internet setup and we may get a result! hover the mouse over the system tray and write down whats there running and let us know that too, assuming you are running windows. how many computers in your home sharing the connection, and how?


dont be sure that 'your computer is running to slow' just yet! hope this helps a bit


have a look thro this too




and here you can check your speeds



and finally, ignore any internet advert which promises to scan your ocmputer for assistance in this area, theyre scams

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