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Regents Exams


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I have an Algebra II tomorrow. Fingers crossed...


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That is what Brits call math.

Ah. Rather than asking why, I'll just consult googleassume it's a cultural difference type of thing. Carry on.


OT, I'm taking the geometry regents on Thursday. Should be easy.

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NYC regents exams?


Pathetically easy. I studies Global History from 1900's-2000 and I got a 98 on the test. These tests are made to pass the greatest number. For the average folk.


If you can do something that most average people don't do (hunker down and study a bit harder), then you'll pass with ease


If these tests were made to actually root out the brilliant, there would be a lot more failures.

I agree, I can't recall anyone failing any regents exams.


The math regents are the easiest of all, I believe there is a grade curve, enabling you to get an extremely low grade but still pass. The curves are probably even more lenient nowadays. In the end it is just to make New York State schools look better.


Oh well, having a regents diploma is always nice, especially if you do advanced regents.

They claim that there's no curve, but as usual, NYS is full of sh*t.


@Tommy, I get 10 weeks off after Thursday.

The English Regents were harder, if only because you have to get creative and aren't sure what it is they'll throw at you.


Either way, I only read two books for that.


Anything can be connected if you bullsh*t through it.

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