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Stevie's Thefts Glithch


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First of all can someone confirm if this "stevies car theft glitch" is really a bug ? What causes it ? What needs to be done to avoid it ?


I read number of forum posts about this bug but nothing makes it clear whether my game is glitched or not.


I have a garage icon on the map but I never heard from stevie. I kept moving on with story missions and completely forgot about Stevie etc. Besides I almost always keep sleep mode on to avoid Role Playing feature of the game. I Turn sleep mode off only when I wish to, Is that a problem ?


I'm planning for 100% so is there any hope with current savegame?




I'm on PC by the way and game is patched v. / (Russian) / (Japanese)

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Unfortunately, I've had this, and I don't think you have much hope with the current save game. I use about three different save slots, and if the next text message doesn't come, I only have to re-do one or two cars at the most.


Having said that, there was one occasion, when after being bugged, I did get one more text message. As I'm not sure what causes it, maybe it is on a time trigger that is bugged. Perhaps you could use sjaak327's trainer to speed up the time or something and see if that does the trick?




I'm clutching at straws though, you might have to re-load from a much earlier point.


P.S. I never use sleep mode, but make sure it is not enabled. I don't think that's related to the bug though.

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Thanks for the reply. I might start a new game. There's no point using trainers. It's more or less count as cheating. I don't have any old saves either I keep ovewring all 12 save slots. I have last 12 saves but all of them are glitched so I'm back to the Broker.


And it's not like I keep sleep mode on All The Time. I turn it on when I'm done gaming and heading for safehouse. I was sick entertaining Niko's contacts. It's really annoying how they pop up right when you wish to stop gaming.


I remember once I accepted a call and it immidiately started a mission. Since then I turned off autosave feature and started turning sleep mode on while heading for safehouse.


Some guys claim turning sleepmode on can prevent you from receiving msg from Stevie but those guys are from PS3 so I don't know If same applies for PC.


Their theory is

1. You receive call from Brucie mentioning Stevie

2. You turn sleep mode on after that

3. Stevie tries to sends you msg but you don't receive it.

4. Garage icon appears on map.

5. Glitch activated.

6. You never get the Text from Stevie.


I'm not sure if it's true for PC. I will be grateful if someone shed more light on it confirming this for PC version.


Stevie Glitch PS3

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Well, I see that your problem is only at sleep mode in your phone.

I also play in PC, but I never turn on my sleep mode, and there is no problem like that.

So, my suggestion is try to turn off your sleep mode, then just wait for the text message from stevie.

I think the text message will be come in soon.


Hope this work for you.

Good luck.


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