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Importing interior with 3d MAX


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Hey, anyone knows how to properly import interior with kam's script inTO 3d max? I go to collision IO, then I select my collision file (which is gta vice city mansion), then I load the files, but objects loads with wrong coordinates and it becames total mess. Also there I can't get the textures.

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You have to place them good youself.

There are in-game coords and coords in the .dff, if you import them into max, max will only use the coords defined in the .dff.

GTA uses uses the .dff coords and the scripted coords. That's why it's one big mess in max.


You have to extract the .txd file in to .tga (use txd workshop), if max tells you that they are missing browse to the map you extracted the .tga's in, and click continue.

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