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Official Video Production Topic

Recommended Posts

user posted image

Respect to Drift-Kings for the title graphics


Please feel free to discuss video making techniques, software, post-production, creative ideas etc


All are welcome. We're all about sharing knowledge so even if you are looking for the simplest of advice feel or inquiry free to drop in.


I'm gonna update this post. If someone would like to do a graphic for the title I'd be really happy.


So basically I thought I'd set up this topic as I hope some of you are out there are making videos. With the introduction to HD video capabilities on DSLR cameras now, video production is getting cheaper and more accessible.


I'm purchasing a Canon 7D this month and hope to start producing some simple, basic shorts so I can get to grips with my camera, learn how it handles it certain light, get used to manually focussing on moving subjects and learn some editing tricks.


I've done some paid commercial video work with 2 friends/colleagues of mine but I want to do more creative, abstract work.


So, hopefully when I get my new 7D, I hope to purchase some sort of steady rig or a Glidecam Body-Pod.

Edited by Narcis_speed6
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You are the man! Respect! Looks great!
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Edited by Narcis_speed6
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A guys, they're both great. Thanks Narcis, you always do a good job. I love both of them so I'm gonna alternate between the two. I'll change them monthly or bi-monthly.


If there's anyone gonna be using the topic. I know a few of you on here make videos so I hope there is some activity.


Thanks again Narcis!



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You're welcome, I made it to test some 3D effects. smile.gif
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One thing I'd like to see from this is maybe a little friendly creative competition. Pick a theme and a rough time limit for a short vid. From there post how ya did it etc.


(Talking of which, we need the photo comp back...)


I'm deffo interested. Got a video DSLR, not made any decent vids yet.

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Mark, that's a great idea. It will hopefully drum up a bit of activity in the topic. I'll work on that but I might need some help from you or someone else when it comes to making some rules and guidelines.


I did set this up as a lot of people in the photography topic will have video on their DSLRS like Mark and myself (soon) so lets say we will have a competition in the future so get out there now and start practicing if you haven't already and tell us how you get on.


Also, if anyone has some links to tutorials or any links to sites that offer low budget soloutions or tricks of the trade post them here and I'll put them in the OP.

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Too bad I don't have any camera that can record in HD format either it has some focussing, etc.. functions. I really want to make something cool, now I'm working with

After Effects and I have some experience, but only in theory, because I don't have my own footage. Sometimes I feel bad that I'm living in such poor country, Bulgaria. Sorry for spamming this topic.


Anyway, I wish I could do something to help. smile.gif

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Hey, you are not spamming the topic. Glad to have you here.


After Effects is something I will look forward to working with in the future. There must be a big learning curve I think.


This topic is open to anyone who has an interest, whether is theoretical or practical. Even the cameras on phones can be great and also the handheld mini HD recorder can provide some great results particularly if the videos are just for web.

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Agreed. Subject and technique means more than having a kick-arse camera. Nobody asked Dali what brushes he used after all. Decent gear makes it easier and yes better picture quality but any monkey can make a home movie on something like my A33 but a genius can make something really cool with a mobile phone. Join in smile.gif.


Gonna try film something in the park next time I'm out. Need to get to grips with iMovie for one.

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I made this as part of my senior project in college some 6 years ago.




Obviously the footage is not my work, but merely the editing, and I was using the software that came with my computer at the time (iMovie HD).


Needless to say, it's a promo video for the World Cup 2006 in Germany. I went with the theme of war since the Iraq war had previously begun and was still fresh in the public's mind and at the forefront of the news. The World Cup is symbolic of a war in that there are competing international sides willing to win at any costs, but the beautiful game is a far healthier alternative as it embodies all the positive qualities of diversity and is able to display them through the spectacle of sport. The video was largely targeting people who normally wouldn't be interested in football/soccer and attempts to reach out and persuade them that it can in fact be exciting; as exciting as war!


Constructive Criticism:

In retrospect, I should've spent more time finding the right font and text effects that help bring the video and message to life. That's not to say that I'm disappointed with what's there, but being the terrible procrastinator that I am, I'd pretty much settled with the first thing that felt "good enough." I've no doubt that this aspect of the video could be improved.


While the common sports fan may not notice, the footage displayed here is rather limited. All of it is from the 2002 World Cup. The presentation would be much richer had I incorporated clips from other WCs from the 60s to present, including the classics of Mexico '86 and West Germany '74. This would really help nail home the ideas of tradition, history, and evolution of the game.


And of course there are some clips that may not best illustrate the idea, but hey, at the time they were "good enough."


Constructive criticism, do you have any?

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IMO I think it's pretty good. Not exactly professional, but gives a bit of 'promotion' and insight on the World Cup. Also, the song is a perfect choice for the video. I'm just gonna rate it and give it a 6.5/10 due to the fact of my pure laziness.


But yeah, not bad. icon14.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've got Sony Vegas Pro 9, but the problem is that I have no idea how to work with it. Me and my friends are trying to put together a skate video but we only now how to use WMM. Anyone have useful links to Sony Vegas tutorials or something in the direction?

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I've got Sony Vegas Pro 9, but the problem is that I have no idea how to work with it. Me and my friends are trying to put together a skate video but we only now how to use WMM. Anyone have useful links to Sony Vegas tutorials or something in the direction?

Browsed youtube for a bit and found this:

It's a beginners guide to SVP 9, it's a bit long but it should point you to the right direction smile.gif

I myself use Adobe After Effects CS5 and Final Cut Express, which are both amazing. Final Cut is a lot like SVP, except that SVP is windows only.

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Sweet thread! All these I made back in my film program in High School. I've posted them before, but a new thread calls for some old memories.



Frisco Madness






Cinematography Class Short



ABADÁ Capoeira San Francisco Trailer



Senior Thesis - Two Passions



Pit - My Last Movie


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Awesome thread.


Here's all Bart and I's favorite stuff.




The work I do is, generally, effing boring. I've done a few TV spots here and there. I did these websites - they were pretty fun.






And here's the spot I did that ties in with that website....




And a recent one that I did with a group called Public Ritual - they did all the stopmotion and motion graphics.




...but you'll probably best recognize me as He-Man. Master of the Universe.




...and the "animated" short series "The Woodsmen"





....all of which was done before I ever made any money in advertising. tounge.gif Now I do a lot of corporate work. Interviews. Animated Bar charts. Awards video submissions and documentations.


Main question, though - has anyone here tried Final Cut X yet? Any thoughts? I'm going to be buying it soon - looks like a major jump sideways. Should be fun.


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I did do a video of me and my sisters fiancé doing a BB Gun Fight, but I don't know where I put the video files...it may have been wiped when I wiped my Hard Disk to reinstall. sad.gif

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That was aired?? Nice job nonetheless.


I just got myself the following setup:


Z400 Workstation running Avid Media Composer 5.5 with an AJA IO Express to capture and monitor over HDMI. I'm using my Panasonic plasma TV as a client monitor. Still need to calibrate the TV, but it's working pretty well so far. Planning on capturing some video game footage smile.gif

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Zak, love the use of Kool And The Gang on your San Fran vid. Nice.


Otter, the He-Man video is hilarious. You've done some very nice work. I think I read you are based on Hollywood North as they call it?

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Cool topic. I like Zak's videos. icon14.gif


I once did a scenario-based short movie but it didn't turn out well. I now mainly focus on doing documentaries and direct movie-styled spontaneous videos. My main camera is Sony DCR-TRV18e, an old miniDV camera. It still works fine (even after 9 years), but I'm now saving to buy a good HD camcorder.


BTW In the main Youtube site they've changed the player's aspect ratio to 16:9 since like... 2009 or something, but why is the Youtube player here still stuck with 4:3?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think it's because of the forum is powered by a somewhat outdated version of Invision Board or something. I don't know. (Part of the reason, I love this forum is it's simplicity although the 16:9 ratio would be nice).


Feel free to post any previous work you've done.


Today, I'm really excited. I've just got a job as cameraman and editor in a studio. It's for one job so far, but it's a start and hopefully it will lead to more. I'm quite confident it will if I don't totally f*ck it up! biggrin.gif I'm a little nervous as I've lot to learn. A huge lot. I wouldn't even call myself an editor but a photographer, dabbling, lol.



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  • 5 weeks later...

Sweet, I didn't know we had one of these topics. Would this be a suitable place to post some motion graphics? That's basically what I do.

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Sweet, I didn't know we had one of these topics. Would this be a suitable place to post some motion graphics? That's basically what I do.

Go for it!

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GTA IV Roleplay

Ever since Bale had become the icon of almost every winger, in this generation, I've searched for montages of those champions league nights, where he absolutely humiliated the "Best Right-Back in the world", which had spectators singing "Taxi for Maicon".


I came across this, a video by Missing Pictures. This shows Bale's progression and antics of the season.


Gareth Bale (Spurs vs. Inter Milan)




I watch this time and time again, reminiscing each moment, each touch, of those amazing nights, in Tottenham Hotspur and Champions League history.



El Clásico - Barcelona vs. Real Madrid





What d'ya's think?

Edited by GTA IV Roleplay
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Topics merged.
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