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Unable to complete Sexy Time - GTA:TBoGT


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I've tried to complete this mission 5times but have ended up by drowning into the water while chasing the 3 boats.

Can anybody tell me how to SKIP THIS MISSION.

PLZZZZ.... confused.gif

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You can't skip it.


Just try practicing flying the Buzzard and firing its machine guns. Test your skills out on other helicopters and traffic for a little so you get more familiar with it. It also helps switching your camera angle to first person view when flying because you can aim your gun fire easier. It's best to just stay calm and fire in short controlled bursts at the fleeing boats. And it's always better to use the machine guns instead of the rockets on the small boats.


If you still can't hit them, don't worry because the boats will eventually beach themselves and your targets will try to escape on foot. That happened to me once but I just landed my helicopter and took them out with my sniper rifle.

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Our lord Steve Jobs

it was easy as hell for me. just keep good distance between water and heli, use rockets, blow em up, and if you cant get some of em go to shore land and snipe em!

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I tend to be bloody useless at flying the helis. Can't shoot anything with the buzzard to save my life. The boats always land on the beach near the abandoned Alderney Casino. Go straight there, get your rifle and RPG ready and take them out as they are approaching land. Any that manage to escape from there can be hunted down.


Obviously, won't help with the 100% achievement but it's effective for getting around those crap shooting skills.

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I got the 100% Achievement,

But It was very difficult!

I was always late with the time!

First off, practice your Shotting Skills with the Buzzard,

then, before mission, get a Helicopter and jump out when you get near the boat, or jump out in the water if you want a safer way not to lose health.

Then Quickly Shoot out the Guarding boat, fly a little, once Yusuf calls you, quickly turn around and shoot a chain of

Rockets and bullets, that way I destroyed the Yacht withing 2 seconds! The gun down the 3 Remaining boats,

and quickly come back. Also, you can do all tasks Separately to get 100% achievement. I got it in one go.

Otherwise, instead if you don't want 100% Achievement, wait for the boats to Dock to an Old Casino,

and shoot then down once they get out, you can even get out of the Chopper and shoot them down with guns then!

But you can't skip the mission!

If you beated the story, save the Chopper at Niko's suit behind Yusuf, get a Parachute, start the mission,

quickly drive back to the spot, the fly off, and then parachute out and land on the Helipad on the Yacht where the Buzzard is, don't lose any health, and from this point you know what to do.

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It's tough, but not impossible, since you have all the ammo you need, ...get down behind enemies and fire with a line of target as correct as you can, that's key to making the needed hits to finish them off, if need be, drop back or to elevated height left or right, as you must evade rockets shot back at you

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I had trouble with this mission too. What I did to beat it was get as close to the boats as you can. Stay above one boat at a time and lean the Heli a little forward and shoot the boat with your mini guns. Do this for all 3 boats. Hope that helps you!! biggrin.gif

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