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GTA modelling programs question


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Hi everybody.

I was looking for pictures of the Esperanto that was in the GTA III Beta unreleased version as it

looked much better than the one in the final version, and, I saw this screenshot on www.gouranga.com


user posted image


MY questions are:


1. Does any one know what program (software) is used in this photo and if it's the best program to use for

GTA modelling? Are there enough tutorials for it. I'm new to modelling, tried zmodeler a long time ago and

encountered many problems.


2. I've been looking for the Beta esperanto with no luck. Did anybody ever make a downloadable model of it

to insert in place of the crappy esperanto we got in the final GTA III?

Any replies will be appreciated.


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It's 3ds max, and it's very good software but the price is $4000,-

Gmax, is a good program to and it's free. If you use (G)max, you have to download Kam's script

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Stop asking people to use GMAX, no offence but its sh*t tbh, alot of the gta import/export plugins/scripts don't work on it properly.

Everyone just "aquires" 3dsmax from less-than-reputable sites.

and yes 3dsmax is the best 3d prog for gta, get that and Kams scripts and your basically good to go.

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I "aguared" 3ds max to  blush.gif

It's actually spelled "acquire". And that "to" should be "too".


Sorry, I'm a grammar freak.


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