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How to add police light bar to cars on z.modeler


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Hey, sorry im a bit of a noob when it comes to using z.modeler as iv only just started using it, could anyone give me guidance on how to add a police light bar model on to a car model (already got the light bar model) as im in the working of turning a standard car into a police one

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use Gmax, it's free biggrin.gif

I think that it's impossible in Zmodeler

But in (g)max, you have to add a omni set the color export dff, edit .dff with RW analyze, and save it.

There's an good tutorial on youtube somewhere


btw hope you didn't buy zmodeler, burning your money is better (it gives you some heat)

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no i "aquared" it accidentally by clicking some button... dont know how that happened *rolls eyes*


Will have a look at Gmax mate thanks smile.gif



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sounds perfect to me biggrin.gif... i mean erm... i hope my nephew doesnt get on my laptop and start clicking buttons and accidentally "aquare" things tounge.gif

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