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Fatal Error : RMN40


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So after a couple of years I wanted to play this game again so installed it. And this is what I get:


GTA IV FATAL ERROR: RMN40 Windows XP : Need Service Pack 3 or higher to Proceed.


Yeah i know it's a very common problem but everything I do seems to fail.

I have downloaded the latest patch of the game.

I have tried to run this game in every compability and it still comes with the same error.


I have also tried to install Service Pack 3 but that won't work either, it says: This Service Pack 3 is for a different hardware platform.


Can somebody help me ? Nothing seems to work, it would be very appreciated!

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I'm afraid there's no easy fix for this other than to reinstall Windows. In an ideal scenario, upgrading to SP3 should not give you any issues.

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Really? Hmm that sucks.

Well, guess that's what I'm gonna do then.


Thanks for your help and reply, it's well appreciated!!

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