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Maps crash


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I have a problem. I want to download a map. So i downloaded the following map:




I install the things in gta san andreas directory/data/maps and put the files into the right folder country and vegas. But when i start the game the loading bar gets a bit more than half then game automatically crashes. This happends every time when i even mod 1 thing in the maps folder. With every map it crashes. So i cannot mod my maps.


Is there a patch or something or what makes the maps work?


Help me please!


And don't tell me to reinstall game cuz i want to mod my maps.


Thanks! smile.gif

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The map you downloaded may be buggy or not well documented properly. Check and verify the mod yourself!

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Why would you create a topic here rather than just contact the author of said mod.



maybe you have v2/3 in which case you need a v1 or 1.1 exe.

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