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More Vehicles - Alexander's tools


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Hi all!


Two questions for the best GTASA code espert / modder wink.gif



Is it possible to ADD new planes, bikes, boats, bikes, by Alexander's tools?

I have added 48 new vehicles and the game run PERFECTLY.

But i can't add planes, bikes, boats and bikes. Can anyone help me please?



After addin new vechicle i've noted that is impossible start a new game...loading is ok, but new game crashes. Why?






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Don't bump threads if you don't get answer withing few hours...


But, basically yes. In vehicles.ide, set added vehicle to use for example Stuntplanes handling. Should work like a charm wink.gif

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Not sure about question 2. Usually it's the other way around that occurs.


As for question 1, you could add those vehicles but Alexander's plug-ins do not support the special handlings of bikes, boats, and aircraft. They would function the same as cars would.


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Ok, thanks Adler.


But do u know if are there another way for this purpose or is it impossible?

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MoreVehicles.asi increases limit of number of cars which is 212 in standard gta_sa.exe

Don`t use Handling Adder and make new vehicles in vehicles.ide to use default handling.

E.g you add plane, make it to use sample "DODO" handling.

The same with other vehicles.

Adding handling is still impossible.

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OK! Tnx a lot!!


For planes, boats, bikes it's a wonderful way: the handdlings are similar... wink.gifwink.gifwink.gif


For the handling adder, i'm using it since 4 years and it runs correctly, but only for cars; "little"problem, it's impossible start new game with new handling added... sad.gifsad.gif

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