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El Boxeador Feature Length machinima footage


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Hello everyone!


I recently posted here regarding my latest GTA IV feature length film titled "El Boxeador". I've decided to leak the first four minutes of the film (but with temporary music since it isn't mine). Also when I uploaded this footage, some of the voice actors' didn't send their lines in (but they're now filled) so you'll notice some parts seem to have a little bit of "off lip syncing". Now I decided to upload this to give my music composer an idea of what I wanted for the music along with the footage to show how I want it played out. But I also decided to let you all see and get a little taste of what this machinima's going to be. smile.gif Here's the link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xj1m0m_el...utes_shortfilms

The final film will be released on Youtube.




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