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yussuf's buzzard unavailable after..


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so i just completed the maisonete 9 mission (where u first go to manage the club, and end up with mini misions), and i did the last one, where you need to pick up someone with a chopper. after that i wanted to have fun with the buzzard again, but it wasnt there anymore, neither did it show on my map. does anybody know why this happend?

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Did you try reloading your game? I've done all the club missions and never had this problem, so I'm not sure why you'd lose the Buzzard after them.


And just to be sure, you completed all the storyline missions too, right?

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i did everything, i reloaded the game few times, i even restarted my xbox but still no buzzard...



EDIT: nvm it just got back after playing an drug war lol strange

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For me (and it seems also for you) there is a glitch with the Buzzard spawning, it does take a little while for it to spawn, I've gone to the helipad where it spawns after completing the story quite a few times just to have fun with the helicopter and it wasn't there straight away, I had to go away and come back after a little while just for it to spawn.

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