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[SNP] T-Bone Mendez Mission


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For: thechucapabra

Missions: T-Bone Mendez

Link: http://gtasnp.com/26372

Notes: Respect Increased. 5,000$ added to account.



Carry On! icon14.gif

Tips: If CJ meets Kathy (nurse, on the golf course) he can keep his weapons if "Wasted".

M4 rifle is behind a townhouse on the West Coast.

Body Armour is in an alley South of the park across the street from Zero's shop. Also downhill behind the Railroad station. There are lots of FREE stuff, explore the terrain. On roofs, behind bush/walls, in buildings, etc All over San Andreas. Enjoy!

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ohh thank you very much for the mission and the tips ^^ have a great week end!

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