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multiplayer events


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As generic a topic as I'm used to seeing, I'm back on here thanks to some unusually kind Mods, And since I was away I did ditch my dialup for a DSL or 'kinda Broadband' setup, ...still attaches to the old-school phone line though...the router that is.


I play on Xbox360 using several GamerTags, and so just thought I'd put out a message that anyone known or friendly from here, if we get a few people going in on the same game, at the same time, that'd be cool. I have not really added all my GTs here, some I wonder about just keeping on the down-low, but the amusing thing is that I had only intended to create a GT for a second Xbox I picked up, and now I have three working ones and another that's RRoD still, however, kept all the various memory associated GTs for XBL so I can use any one of those with GOLD added from the Silver default.


So, the main reason I chose this created topic is because I do have Episodes [EFLC] as well as the original GTA IV, and I've only dabbled in MP so I'm not all that good really, but hope to do more and I try the various missions rather then create me own, but at times, it's just to create a scene in Liberty City for the heck of it

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Playing with R* may be cool...


but how i saw some videos of these meetings,they look a bit dickheads (i dont know if its only for me)...

Also they are a bit noobs,so not so special that you cant lose an event like this,because you always find some random players that are above the average seems to be cooler than these R* developers...

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Doc Rikowski

Welcome back Slamman. smile.gificon14.gif




This topic is not an event and doesn't need to be bumped or stay open.

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