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Problems setting up network drive


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I've been trying to host a network drive on CentOS via samba then get ubuntu to connect to this.


now centos is hosting a DHCP Server as well which ubuntu connects to in order to get an IP. CentOS has a static IP being whilst ubuntu is on


Samba is set up as follows:


user posted image


on ubuntu I'm going places> connect to server then I get this and set up as follows:


user posted image


What exactly am I missing?

user posted image

user posted image
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Suction Testicle Man

Could be a multitude of things - first to check is whether the samba daemon is running on the CentOS machine ("pidof smbd" on command line should return a number). Then you could run a port scan using nmap - I believe the ports it uses are 137-139, so "nmap -p 137-139" should tell you the ports are open (btw "sudo apt-get install nmap" on the Ubuntu machine if you don't have nmap). If the ports are open, then the daemon is running, and you know you have a configuration problem.


Personally I wouldn't bother with Samba if you're not involving Windows machines in the process. If it's a temporary connection, make sure the SSH daemon is running on the CentOS machine, then enter sftp://[email protected] in the address bar of Nautilus (Ubuntu file manager). If it's more permanent (and you need better performance), use NFS.

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