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Farnsworth's Shooting Range

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Farnsworth's Shooting Range v1.0




This mod adds two shooting ranges to Liberty city.


The Gun Range features pedestrian clay shooting. A challenge for any marksman, a kill shot is needed to collect the reward for your

target, $100 and a pretty explosion. This range is located in Steinway Park and entry is $3000.


The Rocket Range features vehicular clay shooting, where every shot is a kill shot. Rewards are $500 per vehicle destroyed. Because

we are publicly located, if a vehicle explodes on a passing boat, or your post, we will give you the benefit of the doubt. This range

is located on Charge Island and entry is $7,500.


mad.gif *****Please note that the staff frowns upon firing at vehicles or pedestrians which are not in the air.***** mad.gif


Don't worry if you don't have the required weapon, one is included for you to keep in the entry fee, as well as any ammo you have

remaining. We'll keep the cops of your back so you can enjoy yourself, but we are not liable for your behaviour once you have left

the premises.


Don't forget to keep an eye on your score in the top left of the screen.


If you stray to far from the start area (leave the pedestal at the gun range or leave the tank at the rocket range) your game will

end without a refund. You can keep what you have won so far.




The Staff




INSTALLATION: Place the included "ClayShooting.net" file into your "scripts" folder.



Tested on GTA IV version with Scripthook.net, scripthook.dll 0.4.0, and latest xliveless (0.997)


USAGE: The ranges are located on the map in the form of a small "Trophy" icon. Simply stand near the marker and press the Right Ctrl

button on the keyboard (There is a prompt on the screen). NOTE: It is easier if you switch to the required weapon before you start.


KNOWN BUGS: You cannot "reloadscripts" in the console. For some reason this crashes the physics of this mod. If you reload the

scripts and wish to use this mod, you will need to reload your save game, otherwise, it will not work.

Please report bugs, comments, crits and suggestions.



COPYRIGHT: Please do not upload this mod anywhere else. If you use this mod in one of your own, please be kind enough to give credit.




Prof. Farnsworth

Edited by Prof_Farnsworth

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Very original and creative. Amazingly executed too. I really like it.

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Very original and creative. Amazingly executed too. I really like it.

Thanks a lot. I hope you got to try it from the link in the video. Just a mini-game for fun.


Beats the hell out of bowling in my opinion. smile.gif

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This is badass!! Loved every moment of testing it, truly brought a smile out. Thank you again for all the time you invest into your projects, all of them are excellent. icon14.gif

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