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Question about replacing cars with Custom ones


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I am trying to make a machinima using gta iv that is set in the 1950's. Of course there are only a handful of vintage car skins on the internet. I've downloaded all i can find and tried using spark IV to replace multiple cars in the game with one custom skin. When i tested it out only one replacement worked. The rest of the cars i had attempted to replace were unchanged. suicidal.gif Does it not work when using one custom skin on multiple cars or am i at error when using spark IV (I download the custom skin, open vehicles.img, import it, then rename the custom to a different car and import it again.)

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Interesting question, had a similar issue some day.

I wanted to change textures for license plates but only one texture worked...


Maybe the changing of textures is also controlled by model properties but this is only a theory. That could mean that the model will not allow a change no matter what you put in.

But why is it working for one specific car and not all... I am as clever as you, sorry.

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