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http://www.gta5rumors.com/gta-5---vice-detective-mode.html (heres a link if you dont want to read, all what i posted... its a site.. guy claims he got's insider information........


basically GTA 5 takes place in LA.. and you play as a rookie cop just coming out of the academy.. you do police stuff, until you reach vice detective, and that is when the game starts.. your partner is part of a criminal underworld.. and you get to chose to either investigate him, or join him in the criminal underworld... i don't know about this... if true.. sounds sort of like L.A noire... and i don't really know about the whole "cop" thing in GTA 5.. the whole investigating, either be a clean cop or a dirty cop..... i don't know.. if this is true, now remember it could not.. we just got to see in a couple of days at e3


One of the biggest questions that gamers ask about the next Grand Theft Auto game is, "Where will GTA 5 take place?" There are a few rumors floating around which name cities like London (expansion-pack location for the first GTA game) and Miami (location of Vice City), while two other unsubstantiated rumors suggest that the location of the next Grand Theft Auto game will be Detroit or Chicago. My source in Rockstar has hinted that Los Angeles looks like the front runner based on map layouts and early screens he has seen. Many people believe that Miami is a more logical choice for the next GTA game, but Vice City was a niche game marketed to all of us gamers over 30. Grand Theft Auto has found its stride and won't need to return to Miami and the 1980s. Los Angeles will be the setting for GTA 5, much like it was for Carl "CJ" Johnson in San Andreas. And the only thing that's changed since the San Andreas of the 90s is the Mayor. Contributing to the likelihood of Los Angeles as the location for the next GTA game is the fact that Officer Tenpenny and Officer Pulaski make an appearance at some point in the game (and possibly play vital roles throughout the game). You remember them, they were the dirty cops from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Our source has confirmed them both as being in the GTA V story, though he doesn't know what role they play. By the way, the image above is not a screen from GTA 5. It's from a web programmer messing around, you can check him out here.


The main character of GTA 5 is likely named either Rock or Brock, as our source inside Rockstar confirms (of course this might change). The main character begins the game as a newly-minted police officer coming fresh out of the academy and ready to fight crime wherever and whenever it occurs. As the character grows and the GTA 5 plot progresses, he finds himself challenged by a crisis of conscience as his assigned partner becomes involved in drug-dealing and other crimes associated with the criminal underworld. The plotline could easily be mistaken for the friction between Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke's character Jake Hoyt in Training Day, and that similarity is likely not lost on the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5.


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas fans will be pleased to learn that Officer Eddie Pulaski and Officer Frank Tenpenny will both make appearances in GTA 5, though the context is unconfirmed at this time. It's unknown whether they appear in flashback sequences, present day situations or even whether one of them is related to the main character in Grand Theft Auto V. Additionally, gang characters and leaders from San Andreas will make appearances in GTA 5, including Carl "CJ" Johnson. This information comes from our inside source who has seen storyboards and prototype images from the new GTA game. He has not seen names put to faces (except for the dirty San Andreas cops which have been named), so he is basing his information strictly from the images and storyboards he's seen.


The main plot arc of GTA 5 will be familiar to fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, as it once again finds the main character challenged by a crisis of conscience. The key difference, however, is that this main character actually begins the story as a good guy, whereas every GTA game prior provides a main actor who comes from the underbelly of society. GTA 5 places you in the shoes of a recently graduated police officer named either Rock or Brock (subject to change by Rockstar). You begin the Grand Theft Auto V as a workaday cop roaming the streets with your partner, chasing bad guys, giving tickets and so on. The game progresses through different modes as you climb (or fall) the ladder to SWAT training and duty, helicopter training and duty, the menial tasks of traffic duty hell, and ultimately Vice Detective duty. Per our source, the two core GTA 5 game modes are Patrol Officer Game Mode and Vice Detective Mode. These are the game modes where the main story actually unfolds.


As you progress through the game, a challenge arises as you learn that your detective partner is dirty. You may join your partner in his illegal activities, or decide to stay clean and investigate him. The main story takes place along these lines as you move from one investigation to the next, all while either keeping an eye on your partner or joining him in the underworld. Reportedly, GTA 5 ends with you becoming either a respected Captain of your police force, or a dirty cop Kingpin in the criminal world. In true Grand Theft Auto fashion, both end games give you the ability to continue riding around the streets and supervising. As a Captain, you supervise your officers and help in arrests. As Kingpin, you supervise your drug dealers, pimps and other hustlers while also helping them. We've obviously not been able to confirm this yet since our source has only heard rumors about this within the developer's studio, so take with a grain of salt.


As a patrol officer, the GTA 5 main character stays true to the Grand Theft Auto sandbox style and allows the player to engage in endless police activities. I will bullet list the information our mole has provided on the next GTA game. All details should be considered very likely to be included in GTA 5, except where noted.

GTA 5 Patrol Officer Mode Details

- The GTA 5 character will receive dispatches over the police radio, nearly identical to the police car radio dispatch used in Grand Theft Auto IV but with some improvements.

- Adhering to proper force escalation improves a player's police cred. Using too much force too soon can result in a loss of police cred or assignment to traffic duty if there are witnesses present. No witnesses = no complaint.

- Yes, GTA 5 allows you to engage in police brutality. Remember those dirty cops in San Andreas?

- As a Patrol Officer in GTA 5, the player carries a baton, mace and a taser plus his service pistol.

- Selection wheel is used for weapons, like RDR.



- The player in GTA 5 will actually perform arrests, and according to our source the player will use the L - R analog stick rotation for engaging handcuffs. Subdued suspects can run. (unconfirmed)

- You can call for backup via d-pad, including paramedics for injured pedestrians or other officers (unconfirmed).

- If you call for unnecessary backup, other NPC police will make fun of you (and you will lose police cred).

- While patrolling in your squad car, you will encounter random crimes, civilian aid requests, accidents, etc. Responding to these random crimes can boost your police cred.

- In squad car, d-pad allows for spike strip request, call for backup, report crime in progress, report traffic stop. Reporting crimes to dispatch boost police cred. The ability to request spike strips seems to indicate that GTA 5 has high-speed chases.

- In squad car and from first-person perspective, GTA 5 requires you to observe for broken or tail lights not working, drunk drivers, red light runners, etc. Catching people in Grand Theft Auto 5 for these infractions boosts police cred, with the most minor infractions giving the biggest boost since it means the player is paying more attention and playing the GTA 5 'cop role' expertly.

- GTA 5 traffic stops can turn into full on shootouts depending on what is uncovered during the stop.

- NPC interaction includes basic orders (id request, step out of car, etc) (unconfirmed).

- NPCs can be frisked through R stick rotation, L stick aim (exact controls unknown). Longer frisk can result in finding guns, weapons, drugs/

- NPC vehicles can also be searched using similar R/L stick method.

- Items uncovered during frisk and search can be kept by dirty cops. Can also plant evidence on NPC, resulting in lower street cred.

- NPC can be arrested, let go, beaten up. All of these actions affect the street cred and police cred values. For example, letting people walk on minor infractions makes you a 'cool cop' and boost your street cred.

- Performance as police officer determines total credits or cash available. Better performance = better pay, however dirty cops can use confiscated drugs and weapons to earn side cash or credits. (currency system in GTA 5 is still unknown).


The meaty part of the Grand Theft Auto 5 story occurs once the player reaches Vice Detective status, according to our source inside Rockstar. Here, the player uncovers the criminal activities of his partner and either follows him down that path towards the crooked cop underworld, or maintains his integrity and begins his own investigation into those illegal activities. In this sense, the GTA 5 story plays similar to the classic GTA San Andreas, where Carl "CJ" Johnson is faced with a choice between his gangster buddies from the neighborhood, or freedom from the streets by 'going straight'. As a Vice Detective in Grand Theft Auto 5, the player engages in investigations ranging from drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, to organized crime and gambling. More details below.



GTA 5 main story missions occur in Vice Detective mode.- Player can follow two main paths: Clean (by the book, investigate partner) or Dirty (follow detective partner into criminal underworld).

- As a dirty detective in GTA 5, player can plant evidence, beat informants, get blowjobs from hookers, steal money and dope from police evidence locker, sell drugs and guns.

- Investigations in Grand Theft Auto 5 include illegal gambling, prostitution, and drug dealing.

- Detective Mode in GTA 5 utilizes the 'cell phone' system similar to GTA IV.

- NPC interaction and comments can give hints as to whether they are nervous or hiding something. This also applies to the Patrol Officer mode in GTA 5 during frisking mini-game, traffic stops and other NPC interaction.

- Detective Mode requires you to develop informants and phone contacts (to be placed in your cell phone and detective ledger) - note that detective ledger is as yet unconfirmed for GTA 5

- Interaction with NPCs as a detective in Grand Theft Auto 5 is fairly straightforward. Rockstar is introducing a new system for GTA 5 but does not want to go overboard with it and lose fans, according to our confidential source.

- There will occasionally be very basic prompts while interacting with NPCs in GTA 5.

- The various investigations in GTA 5 conclude with a request for warrant.

- Actual arrests are performed with actions similar to those in Patrol Officer mode.

- Arrests in GTA 5 may require foot chase through street, car chase, shootout.

- Suspects can be interrogated in GTA 5.

- Interrogations can be nice or tough. Yes, you can beat your suspects though this it's unknown if this has an effect on the investigation.

- Reportedly, a dirty judge is part of one investigation.

- Vice cop difficulty in GTA 5 can be adjusted from easy to hard. Hard level requires lengthier investigations, although it is unknown at this time what that means. Likely it requires more basic running around and talking to informants.



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That site looks about as legitimate as, well I don't know what. The fact that it's hosted on a free service only adds the the credibility. sigh.gif


As for that supposed storyline, that just sounds stupid. It's Grand Theft Auto, not some cop simulator or a modern day knock off of LA Noire.

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I remember seeing something like this months ago and it was posted here, same storyline and lot

Edited by allhailkingryan
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I hope this is all the truth. It sounds like it is pretty legit and the site looks up to date.

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more as i look at it...however though.. if true.. im open for the idea..


i think gamers now a days, don't want there favorite franchises changed that much.. they want the same formula, repeat, repeat, repeat,, with new features, but basically the same game


i think games need to change, even games from successfull franchises.. to pull in new players to the series.. keep stuff the "old" fans, and make the game open to new fans, who didn't like the current formula for GTA..

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plus the "police system" sounds alot more sophisticated then L.A Noire


i think it could possibly work out well, there will be opposistion of course.. but it does somewhat sound like it could be cool

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wait, nevermind sounds legitimate, i just noticed it kept saying cell phone(modern day)

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What kind of a name is Rock? Either way, this sounds terrible.

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wait, nevermind sounds legitimate, i just noticed it kept saying cell phone(modern day)

They mentioned cell phones?

















It must be true!!! wow.gif

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King Of Monra

If this is true, I wont even care if it wont come out for pc. I don't want to be a cop at a gta game...

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yeah this is hardly GTA... and people who want to go on a rampage first thing can't do it as a "good guy cop" if you know what I mean.

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wouldn't that be a total blow to L.A NOIRE?


someone posted a link to this website ages ago...

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i dont much like it, its too LA Noire, i dont see them releasing two very similar games like that, and its too far of the beaten path to be a GTA game, i really hope they arent pretty much changing the GTA we all know and love, if i wanna play LA Noire i will

like i said though, why release such a similarly styled game

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no reason to believe this. also way to similar to L.A. Noire i.e. being a detective sort

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I wouldn't believe this crap. This sounds nothing like GTA, being a cop out of the academy and all. I wouldn't like it...

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A GTA protagonist being a cop whaaa, officer Tenpenny and Pulaski back from the dead, Seems real fishy. I mean we just had a game where you were a cop/detective in L.A. the game would already feel stale not to mention unbelievably dumb, how am I supposed to believe I still have my badge after going on a 6 star rampage.


SMH at anybody who believes this.

Edited by Gregers08
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Official General

If this is what the next GTA will be about, then it sounds very disappointing to me indeed. Why the f**k would I wanna play as a cop protagonist in a GTA game ?? The whole thing sounds silly and out of taste for me. Nah, I'm not excited by this in any way shape or form. Plus I'd be quite disappointed if it were'nt set in Vice City.

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Wow and alot of you forgot Niko Bellic was in Soldier.

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Staff better drink lots of coffee if it does get announced. tounge.gif


Rumors sound pretty... meh. Reminds me of Training Day though. I like the idea.

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dont diss it, mayby its gonna be like a modern day la noire. Who knows maby its a new rockstar game, la rush........... bored.gif

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I'm calling bullsh*t.

I'm with this, it's all lies.

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If this is true, I will personally kill Sam and Dan Houser for ruining the GTA Franchise*. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto which is the crime of stealing a car. Making you be a cop is just destroying what the series has established to this point.



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gta5 "rumours" .com


Sounds legit sigh.gif


I don't think the GTA series will have a main character who is a police officer. The game is about crime and violence, not cleaning up the streets of some city.

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The guy who wrote that many bullsh*t should seriously get a life. I don't believe a word, this sounds just retarded.

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