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San Andreas Nostalgia!


Recommended Posts

  • 2 weeks later...
Ballas King

Nothing makes me more nostalgic than the early missions, working with Sweet, Ryder and Smoke in missions like Drive Thru, Home Invasion, Wrong Side of the Track, helping rebuild the GSFs and the initial gang wars with the Ballas (never attached much to the Vagos) helping rebuild the GSF. Reuniting the Families arguably the best mission in SA is the mission that makes me most nostalgic, blasting the sign board with the car after fighting through hell, the four heroes stand strong together for the last time. "That's gonna be a hell of a story to tell when we passin' the blunt! (Smoke)". I really felt bad when Ryder and Smoke betrayed and had to be killed. Things were never the same again after Green Saber .!

Edited by Ballas King
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  • 2 weeks later...

Always have been a big fan of JDM culture(aka all the cars you can customize in Wheels Arch Angels).They're stylish,fast and most of all,you can go nuts in customization(not to say the rest of the customization sucked ass in the other car groups,they were neat.)along with some of the greatest characters in gaming.

Edited by Eriahslon
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Las Venturas give me a ton of nostalgia. It reminds me of when I first played the game at my childhood friend's house! There's just something special about riding through the Venturas strip on a Freeway listening to Hellraiser while the sky is purple. Good times!

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  • 7 months later...

When I first got gta sa from a friend in class 5th and I started it the first thing I noticed was that it had train tracks. Cj's model was also good. Then when I tried to follow the cj icon, I got lost 😃 and ended up in the mulholland intersection!  GTA San andreas

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Hunter Quarry early. Four stars wanted level.

Ballas gang. Red clothes. Leisure top.

Life's a Beach and Cesar Vialpando, my first ever traumas.

Didn't know what a save diskette was, so I started a New Game every single day.

Tampah. Used to hate the "Rusty Brown Donut Eating Gangster" jacker dude.




Edited by Lancerator
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Evil empire

Playing the vigilante submission driving the Hunter starting in San Fierro for example and going back and forth between the desert and the forests gives an incredible feeling of freedom.

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  • 1 month later...

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