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GTA Vice City crashing after installing car mods

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I've downloaded some car models for Vice City and replaced the originals using IMG Tools v2.0. The game launches and loads normally, but when I'm walking or driving around the game crashes and displays the message "gta-vc.exe stopped working...". It also happens every time I get busted, and briefly after loading the game (2-3 minutes). The game worked perfecly before installing those mods. I'm running it in Windows 7, in compatibily mode for XP SP3, 4gb RAM, Intel I3 2.5gHz. Can someone help me please???

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The easy solution is to do a simple Un-install/Re-install and delete the .set file from the User Files Folder in Documents, and Play the game without Mods, as the game was intended to be played and tested by the developers.


Also, this section is for Un-Modded Games ONLY-Modding stuff goes in the Modding section-link at top of every sub section...

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Must be a bad mod, generally when it goes to spawn the 'bad' mod it'll crash.

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Yeah, maybe it's really a bad mod. Is there any way to detect this 'corrupted' file, like a car spawner? I could keep spawning the cars until I find the one that crashes the game. It's cause I don't want to uninstall the car mods. I've downloaded some cool ones...


EDIT: I've downloaded a trainer that spawns cars, I checked all of them and all the models are working properly. Maybe I deleted another file accidentaly (it's a damn to work with IMG tools). I will reinstall the game and the mods, no more help needed but thanks for you guys who tried.

Edited by welivealust

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you can use ggmm to find out which car is crashing your game i do the same confused.gif

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Yeah, I reinstalled the game and then used it to install the cars safely. Man, I loved GGMM, no problems installing the models and even allows me to see the results, I recommend it icon14.gif . Anyway, problem solved, and thank you guys for the support.

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