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[IV/WIP] Detonator Script

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This is a small ability add on for EFLC, that enables player to use attached bombs as seen in missions, in a totally free manner. What makes this different is the possibility for you to create custom explosives, with any gta model, and with any gta fx (such as colored explosions, sparkles, fumes,etc), and then stick it to any vehicle nearby, or under a nearby container. When I say stick it, thats how it works for cars. You may wondered how would that be awesome, to be able to stick a bomb hidden in cluckin bell chicken box to a vehicle bumper, and then make it explode in blue, green or yellow color (depending on the chicken ingredients), or just use a plain C4 to kill any mafia gangster trying to flee from you. You can place the bomb under vehicle bumpers, or any other part, front, back or sideways. It will stick to the part of vehicle that is closest to player's hand. It is work in progress, at 96%.



user posted image





v1.0.0.0 [beta]


% Added timer for bombs

% You can customize game sound for bomb timer

% Customize all animations, and dynamic placement

% Detonations now apply to all nearby vehicles


v1.0.0.0 [alpha]


% Stick bomb literally to any vehicle (any model), front, back or sideways

% Use any model as bomb (cluckin' bell, bongs, boxes)

% Create customized explosives with many features

% Easily set explosive type, power and amount of force

% Select any key on keyboard, mouse or joypad for actions

% Use your ingame Detonate key (you can remap it)

% Can use vast amount of visual effects (gta fx)

% Using correct animations and dynamic object placement

% Can be used as a class in any Visual Studio project

% Every bomb is loaded live, so you can see changes instantlly

% Comes with a plain sample, with nice menu selection

% You can use notepad to edit bombs used in example

% Part of MidnightCrime development kit





This mod is created from scratch, and will be provided as a standalone script, aswell as a part of MidnightCrime Development Kit, next to ScriptedSpeech, VehicleRecording, ActionReplay, MissionBuilder, and many more tools, addons and missions for GTAIV community worldwide.

Edited by iriedreadlock23

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That's pretty cool. Very good work smile.gif

Does it work on Normal IV ?

Oh and by the way, did you correct the 2playermod script? That's really the only script that I really need ;D


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I've been working for few days on this mod trying to perfect it, and add many new features. It's working totally good, but it needs to be tested by the community, so I can see how it works. Please check Gtagarage link, and download BETA version yourself. You can change configs, and also I suggest that you edit files in /bombs folder, so you can see real power of bombing. Make sure to post your impressions, aswell as suggestions, so I can get final version finished.


It's tested on EFLC (TBOGT), Scripthook 0.5.1 and latest ScriptHookDotNet.

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Sorry for GtaGarage links not working still. I am waiting for admins to approve the mod. It seems they are busy these days.


Use this link to download it.



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