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DYOM Portable


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since people figured out how to play GTA SA IN PSP is there a way we can get dyom PSP and make dyom anywhere if we could its awesome


im not saying we must to but im just sayin bro

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I really hate to burst your bubble about it, last time I looked at SA for the PSP they were all fakes, I even tried one for myself.





Here is what they do. The game is actually running on their computer and there is a program for the psp that can link your computer screen to PSP so you can see it. It also looked very bad quality.



I know I was disappointed too. Maybe something has changed and they got it to work, but i doubt it.



Now if u want an actual DYOM portable game, then GTA Vice City Stories would be better. I really do not think it is possible to do that with game disc or iso. Also where the hell would be a cleo version for psp.



There is just a lot of things to think about.

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The umd disk for the psp doesn't even have enough space to run GTA San Andreas with all his features, especially when the game pushed the PS2 into his limit...^^


I guess buying a netbook PC would be the best thing to do for a DYOM portable, and it only costs 200$.

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