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GTA: The Will Of A Man


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GTA: Canan Nan Gaidheal has explored the "Suburban Rust Belt" theme of Leonard, Maryland. But now, what about a few other themes? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:


user posted image

Special Thanks: UNRATED69 for the headers & LulzAllDay for the logos



Theme (Still isn't rap!)



user posted image

*Will Bauer-The Protagonist of this DLC. Born in 1982 to an alcoholic father & abusive mother in Baltimore, Maryland, he never really had a good, solid background. In 1989, his father shot his mother, before turning the gun onto himself. Will then moved to live with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in the countryside of Leonard, MD. His troubled background has turned Will into the mentally disturbed man you are reading about today.


Similar to Neil in GTA: CNG, he is proud of his German heritige, often noting that everything about Germany is good (except for both world wars, claiming that Germany was ruled by the wrong man). Also, Will has a terrible habit of going into a rage whenever things don't turn out right, oftentimes killing the wrong person as a result.


Will makes his living as an underground weapons dealer, selling weapons on the street from the trunk of his black Faction & out of his garage to the Celtic Crosses MC, Craig, and others.


*Hailey James-Will's girlfriend throughout the course of the game up until the end of the game, when Will kills her out of rage. Before her death, She is a waitress at "Breakfast In America", a diner in Wyatt.


*Jamie Bauer-Will's cousin. He lives with Will at his Aunt & Uncle's house outside of Leonard. He is one of Will's close friends, and one of the only people who "Understands" Will. He helps Will deal weapons, often joining him during trades, and helping him stock his garage with weapons.

Friendship Ability-He will arrive in his Soul and sell you weapons.


*Dale Gundermann-One of Will's close friends. He lives in a trailer at the Arbor Hills Mobile Home Park. He owns his own meth factory and sells his drugs alongside Will.

Friendship Ability-He will join you for backup during missions.


*Doug Beckford-A junglist/chav who is often mocked due to being white and a "wannabee gangbanger". He is another close friend of Will's. He lives next door to Dale and sells illegally imported cars from Eastern Europe from his backyard.

Friendship Ability-He will open up his "shop" and sell you vehicles for very low prices.


user posted image

*The ability to play as a mentally disturbed, German, illegal weapons dealer!

*More vehicles!

*More weapons!

*More music!

*Cherish Yourself!

*Blow up an abandoned coal mine!


New Weapons

*Revolver-Known officially as the "LeMat Revolver", this very lethal weapon has plenty of stopping power. It is found mainly at civil war reenactments, but this non-blank-firing version is found in Will's garage.

*Gyrojet Pistol-For those of you who don't know, a gyrojet pistol is a pistol that, instead of firing bullets, fires mini-rockets. It is very effective at long range, but is suicide at close range, so be careful!

*PP-19-A Rather unusual submachine gun.

*Saiga 12-A Russian combat shotgun, it is found in Will's garage.

*Karabiner 98k-An old rifle. It is similar to the sniper rifle, except that it doesn't have a scope. However, the range is far better than an assault rifle.

*Pallad-D-A Polish grenade launcher. Despite being designed for the underside of an AKM, Will managed to find a way to convert it into a stand-alone weapon.

*Experimental Shotgun-Known to few as the "HK CAWS", this is one of the many experimental weapons found in the Group 6 base. It fires explosive rounds.

*Experimental Rifle-Known to some as the "XM8", this rifle is one of the many experimental weapons found in the Group 6 base. It is equipped with a built-in scope and a grenade launcher.




user posted image

As with GTA 4, if you download the DLC, the music will be avaliable in the original GTA: Canan Nan Gaidheal

Babylon-The Reggae/Dancehall station returns with more reggae/dancehall. It now features dubstep, reggae & drum n' bass's bastardized child.



Hold Yuh-Gyptian









LRNThe Classic Rock station returns with an updated list.


Breakfast In America-Supertramp

Deja Vu-Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young





Protect And Survive-Jethro Tull

Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix


Secret Agent Man-Johnny Rivers



Radio Bloc-The "Former Bloc" station returns with an updated list of mainly German songs, but Russian rap & Polish trance join in on the list.


Autobahn-Krafterk (Radio edited version-derp)

Galaktika-Voice Crasher

Klar-Rythms Del Mundo feat. Jan Delay



Pey Pivo-Diskoteka Avaria

Schlusselkind-Cora E



Up And Down-Opus



Static Radio-The metal station returns with, you guessed it: more metal.


Can't Believe-Staind










user posted image

The story opens up with Will chilling at his house. Just then, Craig arrives and asks if he has any new guns. Will shows him the newest gun he's got: A Cobray Streetsweeper. Craig is interested, but he doesn't have enough money, so he offers to trade his current weapon-a Saiga 12, for the gun. Will accepts the trade, but warns Craig that he is dangerously in debt with him. Craig ignores it and goes about his business.


Will then feels depressed for no reason (common for him), so Jamie tries to cheer him up by taking him hunting. It works, but only for a short while. They are unable to find any animals, and they are lost. They wander about in the woods for a while, until they find what appears to be an abandoned mine. They check it out, and claim it as their new "hangout". Will tells Doug & Dale about it.


They continue to chill in the mine, and they decide to take revenge on Craig for not paying Will back. They kidnap Trey as he's walking out of the Awesome-Mart. They decide to take him back to the mine, where they plan to call Craig, but upon arrival of their mountain base, they find that the mine has been overrun by Group 6 mercenaries, and Trey escapes. Will, furious, goes into a fit of rage when he enters his garage, tearing weapons off the walls and sh*t.


Will, Jamie, Doug, and Dale attempt to think of a plan to get back at the mercenaries for stealing their hangout. They soon find a helicopter, the UH-1, parked nearby the base. They steal it, and bring it back to Will's house. Unfortunately, that same helicopter is stolen by Neil later on in the story, along with Neil stabbing Will in the back with his own knife, forcing Will to fall unconscious.


Will wakes up later in a hospital. He vows revenge on the "Scotsman" who stabbed him. He then leaves the hospital. In need for funds, he re-opens is garage for business. In need of weapons for a massacre on the Awesome-Mart, two members of the Celtic Crosses MC stop by to buy weapons. Will lets them into his "shop", but is highly alarmed when he notices that one of the bikers looks exactly like Neil. Will then blows it off and sells the weapons.


A little while later, Martial law is imposed on Leonard due to the Melonhead attacks. Will takes advantage of the situation and attempts to retake the mine with his friends. Hailey wants to come along too, but Will tells her to wait in the car. They succeed, but not before blowing the whole mine up, along with Will's car in the explosion


The game ends sadly, despite the Group 6 mercenaries & all the melonheads dead. Will goes to the abandoned mine, witch is currently abandoned, and believes that, with Hailey dead, he will never find happiness again,

user posted image

























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It's not a bad start but I feel It need's more. Good start though icon14.gif

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It's not a bad start but I feel It need's more. Good start though icon14.gif

what do you suggest?


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bumpdate-added new vehicles and more orginization


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  • 4 weeks later...

bumpdate-new vehicles and weapons


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