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Fave Band/singer

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I cucked Alex Jones
For me it would have to be The Smiths. There's a lot of great music that has effected my attitudes and my approach to life, but nothing like The Smiths. People constantly fail at articulating this, but I'll do my best: the first time I saw a performance of This Charming Man, my entire concept of society crashed down like a house of cards, and doors I didn't even know existed were suddenly open. Why let myself be defined and constricted by my gender or my social class or anything else for that matter, when I could simply choose to float above it?


Why should I let myself be represented by a government or a society or another person's ideals when I'm perfectly capable of representing myself, and deciding for myself what is right and what is wrong? People could have their rules and systems and arbitrary standards, but I was f*cking that right off. Suddenly, I was an anarchist and I could see our society for what it was: a machine that robs people of their power and autonomy, convinces them they aren't inherently beautiful and competent and robs them of their right to opportunity, sound mental health and free creation for no describable reason. The world was wrong, I was right and I was now dedicated to making people see things my way.


Quite a lot to take away from an old recording of a rock concert, isn't it?



I f*cking love The Smiths. Who else sings songs about cruising for guys?

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Mister Pink

...or about their "Girlfriend in a coma" tounge.gif

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eminem and biggie all the way


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Peregrin  Brandytook

judas priest

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The Pizza Delivery Guy



1. Phil Collins

2. Pink Floyd

3. Whitechapel

4. Into Another

5. Judas Priest

6. Lynyrd Skynyrd

7. Pearl Jam'

8. System of a Down

9. Bad Religion

10. Static X

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