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New York 2008, it's a nice summer's day just the way you would expect it to be like in July. New York is seen by many as an industrial and nitty gritty city where it rains and where the factories pollute the skies above it. It has also gained itself worldwide notoriety for landmarks such as the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. However when people think of New York as the cold, gritty and crime ridden city they aren’t exactly wrong. One of the reasons for this is because of people like me, Salvatore Vitale. I don't judge other people inside really, just like people like you should stop judging people like me. My environment and childhood is what made me like this.


The hot summer's day in New York is still here and I'm embarking on a mission that my elders have ordered, I'm the muscle. In New York, anywhere I mean, when a new Union opens up, especially if it's a construction site there isn't a slight chance that we won't ever notice it. Oh no, these construction sites are what makes us rich, and we don't even own the damn sites, well not literally speaking anyway. They call cement in this city "Italian Gold" and maybe you can guess why but now I'm going to tell you so embrace yourselves for a very calm and smooth procedure but how it's executed is the real genius. One minute, it's too late to explain because I've already arrived at the newly developed construction site, looks like you’re just going to have to watch and learn.


"Hey you there, yeah you, come o'er here!" I shouted at a worker at the top of my voice trying to overcome the sounds and noises that you'd typically here on a construction site.


"Who, me?" replied the worker.


"No, the guy next to you..." I shouted at him sarcastically. To my astonishment he was so dumb he looked besides him, then turned around and looked behind him.


"Holy mother of Mary, You come over here, frickin' Moron" muttering the last few words under my breath. The worker came running over, almost falling over due to the weight he was packing. One thing I also noticed my whole life really is that all these construction workers or builders smoked.


"Yeah?" asked the worker.


"Your Boss here?" I asked curiously.


"Who-who wants to know..." stammered the worker.


"Don't get cute with me kid, where is he?" putting on the serious tone now, as I did.


"In the cabin over there sir" said the worker pointing at the white cabin located near a crane that was moving goods from one end of the site to the other.


I ran off, didn't even say thank you. You might be thinking, well that's a bit rude not saying thank you one of the most simple forms of human behaviour. Reason being though is if you're in the business I'm in you got to let people know that you are not the one that you get funny with, or the one you look upon as a joke, because if you let them do that they won't respect you and conflicts will occur. I swiftly climbed the stairs to the cabin and knocked on the door and then just entered. There was a man dressed in a suit filling out paper work whilst the other three in there were drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.


"Alright, You, you and you, scoot!" I said pointing at each one of them individually. The three men looked at me in shock and confusion. "Now!" I said in an agitated voice which broke the silence causing one of them to jump and almost spill their coffee. The three of them finally left and looked at their boss puzzled and concerned. The Boss didn't seem to be astonished or confused, he seemed calm, almost like he knew what was coming.


"You the boss around here" I asked the man.


"Well I suppose so, but I suspect now I'm about to be overthrown, maybe if I'm lucky second in line?" the man said in a polite and jokish form.


"Heh, funny because it's true. Now do you know what's going to happen next?" I said to the man.


"I have an Idea, I won't argue this time though, now I know" said the man.


"What do you mean?"


The man lifted up his left trouser leg and revealed a bandage which what looked like underneath it a burn.


"So, I'm guessing you were in this situation before" I asked confidently because I knew he would do everything i wanted him to. he revealed himself a poor desperate man who didn't know where to turn or what to do with his miserable life. The kind I prey upon. The man nodded gently to my question.


"Alright, How much do you reckon this place is going to earn, per month?" I asked.


"Um, probably around 30,000 dollars, economy's good at the mo' " replied the man.


"Good, so in a month’s time I'll be here to collect my cut, we'll make it a simple half, understand?"


"Yes" said the man in great despair.


"Later in the month, some of my guys are going to come here and sign up for union jobs alright, and together you and I are going to increase stock prices by 3%, got it?" I said in a reasonable voice.


"Yeah I understand" the man said, now looking worried for some reason, almost as if a tear was going to squeeze out of his eye.


"Alright good, we'll talk about it in detail next week; this was just the intro, look forward to meeting you here on Monday, let’s say 6pm, Be there!" I said walking out of the door facing the man and then slamming it. I walked down the stairs and past all the cranes, vehicles and Union workers. That went easier than I thought, looks like he refused some other wise guys in the past and ended up paying for it. You can't avoid us you know, not that simply anyway.


Finally, it's almost the end of the day and I'm completely exhausted after a long day's work. You see for most people they'd think that just because of who I am I'm not going to go home and greet my wife and kids and ask my honey to make me a sandwich. Well they're wrong because I'm like any other American, really.



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