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Here's a list of indoor places I feel wouldn't be too hard to implement. If Rockstar really wants to keep pushing forward of fulfilling the promises of GTA taking place in a real life breathing city, then they must add more indoor locations.


- Churches (before you say it would be controversial, remember RDR has them and countless of other games)

- Hospitals (at least one huge one with 4 floors and tons of rooms)

- College (I always wanted to see inside the Liberty Campus in GTAIII)

- Museums (would be funny to see fictional historic items done in Rockstar's humor)

- Library (perhaps could be used to get online and umm...well it would be cool)

- Mall (I want some huge one with like 100 stores and a few smaller ones the size of North Point maybe)

- Zoo (ok not indoors but it would add charm to a city. Don't really care if I can kill animals or not, just have a zoo Rockstar.)

- Department stores (the size of a Wal-Mart or Target)

- Arena (one you can actually walk inside and attend sporting events. This would be the hardest to pull off)

- Airport (VC had one which was kinda small buy hey it was something)

- Skyscraper (at least one full explorable skyscraper. Think of Perfect Dark or Mirror's Edge)

- Tons of homes from mansions, shacks, middle class homes, mobile homes, etc.. Not every home of course in the game, but at least 50 homes with some being important characters or houses to rob.

- Casino (I loved walking around the ones in LV with James Brown music playing)

- Factory (would make for some awesome shoot outs)

- Banks (well of course to rob)

- Movie studios (if set in Los Santos they have to have one with a bunch of fictional movie sets)

- Hotels (VC's first safehouse was cool but more of a full functioning hotel)

- underground sewer system would be pretty rad

- Prison (enough said)


That will be great cuz i like indoor and one more thing that it will be good if you can explode building......jk


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