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Music Talk Forum Led By: Tyler

PM him for any questions regarding the Music Talk section of the forums.


The Forum Rules and the Signature Size Rules apply here, just like they do all around the forums.


Welcome to the GTAForums Music Talk Directory, your comprehensive and accurate directory for everything in the Music Talk section.


Writing the directory, I had a few things in mind while trying to pick the topics eligible for the directory - I prefered more up-to-date versions of topics, for example, I saw two dubstep threads and the other one was more recent so I chose to choose it for the directory instead of the other one. While picking the artist-dedicated topics, I looked for small communities instead of one-page topics where the two lone fans of a band would discuss, I would leave them out of the directory and choose only the topics with a few pages. One of the reasons I started doing this is because I wanted to revive older topics, and point out topics such as the Forum Musician's Commune to try and eliminate the possibility for topics such as this to be created.


If something, I ask for assistance - I will start this topic and try to find out the most important topics and minority communities within Music Talk, the obviously least modded (as in deleting unnecessary topics from '05) section of the forums, and when new topics pop up, I will try to remember to add them here if they seem to be worth it, but I ask for you OP's out there to message me or reply to this topic to help me with my efforts.


The directory's point is not to completely include every single topic in the Music Talk section and put it under a category, but to sum up the most important bits of the section and gather up minor communities of fans together to avoid unnecessary double topics.


user posted image


The Forum Musician's Commune

A place to share your own music, get to know other musicians in the boards and to get advice from fellow artists, The Commune also has a comprehensive directory for your online music sources and sites specifically dedicated to sharing your own music.


Studio: Q-13 Lounge

"Lounge, Down Tempo, Dub, Chill Out & Everything In Between" - Q-13 is a place dedicated to those warm, mellow, vibrant, vivacious, calming and relaxing sounds to escape the hectic life in the busy world we live in.


Rate the Song above You

An everlasting discussion where each poster's task is to rate the song posted by the above poster, and then continue the debate by posting a track of their own choice.

Simple, but addictive, proven by over 380 pages of everlasting rating.


user posted image


Rap and Hip Hop

Soul & Funk


Electronic Music





Grunge and Alternative


Psychedelic Rock

Classic Rock



Funny Music


user posted image




Pink Floyd

Rebecca Black

Justin Bieber

My Chemical Romance

Green Day


Bullet For My Valentine


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Iron Maiden




user posted image


• Albums

Album Collections

Vinyl Collections

The Last Album You Listened To

First Album You Bought

Last Album You Bought

Your Top 10 Albums

Cover Arts


• Tracks

Your Top 5 Tracks

Songs That Give You an Adrenaline Rush

What Are You Listenin' To?

Favorite Intros

Favorite Guitar Solos

Songs You Can Relate To

Songs That Make You Rage

Songs You Want To Play At Your Funeral

Favorite Lyrics


• Artists

Best Rappers and Worst Rappers

Top 5 Guitarists and Drummers

Your Favorite Artists

Who Killed Tupac Shakur?

Daft Punk 2013


• Universal Music Discussion

What's wrong with today's music?

Old School Vs. New School

How Do You Carry Your Music?

UK Music

The Recommendations Topic

Music You Love but Your Friends Hate

Favorite Genre

Favorite Decade


Is Rap Dead?

Your Theme Song


Instant Gratification, Minimum Retention - How Instant Access has changed us.


• Talents

Guitar Topic

Which Instrument Do You Play?








Most Recent Edit: 3/3/2013 - Added Topics

Edited by Tyler


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Damn, this is pretty great, thanks. Imma pin this.


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Damn, this is pretty great, thanks. Imma pin this.

Great, that's really what I made it for, haha. Already added, like, 10 topics to it so it's already growin' icon14.gif


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Good work on the topic. icon14.gif

It'll be helpful for a lot of people. Keep it updated.

Dead (Retired)

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Glad to hear you like it and appreciate the effort I put to it, I appreciate the feedback, too icon14.gif

Miro - will do, that's the biggest challenge as of now, to make it comprehensive enough and stay up with the discussion going on.


Decorated the thread starter today with some extra headlines and such, I'll try to make it better, bit by bit...


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Edit: Added a bunch of topics that have popped up while I have been absent, holla at me if I missed something.


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This is a really good topic, and I say that because I was looking for a topic and couldn't find it, so I used this and got to it tounge.gif. Thanks Cheat, good job keeping it updated wink.gif


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  • 2 weeks later...

Good work cheat icon14.gif

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  • 2 months later...


Edit: Added a bunch of topics that have popped up while I have been absent, holla at me if I missed something.

Who is that last guy? Didn't last long in getting banned. As far as those NEW topics, In some instances, the originals, like a Thread for The Beatles, Stones, The Who are forever important.

Had one for Van Halen expecting a new album with David Lee Roth for instance, that's still a wish-list item.


Well, those threads have gotten neglected so long, at this point bumping them could be frowned on, so to make a new topic with better formatting? Hard to say, but I do grapple with that.

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You should - I remember creating this topic, I went through all of the pages and searched for artists and despite picking some older threads I primarily chose topics that had generated discussion more recently.


Anyways, I've been somewhat absent from GTAF and it's really difficult to know whether there are any new topics so relevant to the discussion in the Music Talk section that they should be added to the list, so I relied into a simple rule to not pick any topics that had 2 or less pages of discussion - leaving me with no topics "worth" adding to the directory for now.

I'll come back later today for a re-check though.


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