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Hi guys. I have a problem, My GTA IV is Legit and clean(i dont have EFLC yet because i dont have much money) and i patched the game to latest version ( My problem is my gta iv crashes after 5-7 minutes. Also my mods are Environment 5 and Ultimate Graphics Tweak and i heard some people that the mods works well in game, but for me i am so unlucky suicidal.gif , please i need help turn.gif


and sorry if my english is bad because im in a hurry.

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I cannot recommend the latest patches.

The common opinion is that for modding you better use, or Especially cause you´re only using the game without episodes. You better try an older patch (I use A lot of people say the latest patches sucks.

It could be also possible that you added modded cars. DO NOT change/add cars that are parked in front of a save house. Once you change a parked car the game may crash when you drive this car away from the parking lot.

This problem is caused by the savegame that don´t work correctly when you change parked cars. Mod only cars that are driving around freely. When you pick up the car somewhere then you can save it like any other car. That´s a very common problem if the game crsahs after some minutes of playing.

If the game is running normal WITHOUT mods you need to track back your steps of modding until you find the mistake.


When you use the UGT (ultimate graphics tweak) you need to change the original shader files. Changing the shaders may cause problems with other mods. This is always dangerous.


You should try to run the game with UGT and without Environment 5 and vice versa. Maybe there´s something colliding.

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ok, im gonna try installing UGT without Environment 5. Also i dont have any mods installed.

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I think the problem is Environment 5 MOD because when i install UGT, i have no crash problems :-/

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