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gta V features

alex hacker

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alex hacker

1 I want their to be drivable airplanes with interiors


2 have the option to go to prison when busted [ prison with cells caf etc.


3 more interiors


4 more guns .44 revolver


5 you don't have to unlock parts of the map smile.gif


6 bigger better map


7 play as a cop arrest peds pull people over etc


8 join gangs


9 if you kill too many people DEATH SENTENCE


10 airport interior


11 minimum medium maximum sicure prisons [ depending on crimes commuted]


12 animals dogs cats etc


13 when busted go to holding area wait 24 hrs go to trial than jail.


14 play as male or female player


15 custom we-pends attachments like a scope on pistol


16 built in map editor


17 DYOM design your own mission [ built in] GTAV smile.gif


18 use toilets drink from sinks etc


19 more vehicle customasations


20 I AM LEGEND MODE zombie rampage_ani.giframpage_ani.gif


with part1 evacuation 2 army vs zombies part 3 u are the last surviver


21 some Destroyable buildings


22 better cars


23 longer harder cop chases [ real life]







[email protected] contact for more features

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